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The lowdown on Twittorial for everyone with half a brain.


  1. Twittorial for everyone with half a brain
  2. Twitter is just like a notebook. (32 characters)
  3. Use it as a newsfeed. (21 characters)
  4. To interact with like-minded people. (36 characters)
  5. To complain about how miserable your life is. (45 characters)
  6. Or spy on your ex-girlfriend. (29 characters)
  7. What’s the difference between Twitter and Facebook? That’s 51 characters, by the way.
  8. The bar vs the dinner table. (28 characters)
  9. How to use Twitter the rockstar way. (36 characters)
  10. 1. How to tweet (12 characters) 2. Go where follow (15 characters) 3. How to track (12 characters) 4. Listening to conversations (26 characters)
  11. How to tweet 1.  TweetDeck The mother of all desktop widgets that allows you to sort tweets into direct messages, topics, and keywords. Integrates with Facebook too. (138 characters) 2.  HootSuite Perfect when you have multiple Twitter profiles and multiple users. Allows you to schedule tweets too. (102 characters)
  12. Go where follow 1. User-powered Twitter directory. 2.  Tweetizen / TweetWorks Create and follow groups based on trends/ interest/ etc. 3.  Twellow By the way, all of the sentences Search all people in Twitterland. above have less than 140 characters. 4.  MrTweet Your own personal assistant
  13. How to track 1.  Twitalyzer Evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on relative influence, signal-to- noise ratio, generosity, velocity, etc 2.  Twitter Grader To track any Twitter user’s power, reach and authority 3.  Qwitter To feel miserable about yourself
  14. The power of the hashtag. (25 characters)
  15. Listening to conversations 1. 2. 3. 4.  Twitterfall
  16. Complement journalism with Twitter. (35 characters)
  17. Muck Rack. Real time Twitter activities by journalists. (55 characters)
  18. MediaOntwitter. Database of media contacts on Twitter. (54 characters)
  19. What can you use Twitter for? 1.  Publish information as you get it (33 characters) 2.  Ask 1,000 people a question at the same time (44 characters) 3.  Track IMMEDIATE conversations and trends (40 characters) 4.  Socialise without the hangover (30 characters) 5.  Be your own media (17 characters)
  20. Thank you. Patricia Law Ogilvy 360º Digital Influence Twitter: @patlaw Email: Blog: DID: 6213 7848