How to use Social Media like a Rockstar


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A presentation I conducted for the Year 3 students at Singapore Polytechnic's School of Communication, Arts, and Social Sciences where I was a guest lecturer.

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How to use Social Media like a Rockstar

  1. 360° Digital Influence<br />How to use Social Media like a Rockstar<br />2009<br />
  2. People love expressing themselves…<br />Video camera<br />Telephone<br />Photographs<br />Journals<br />Letters<br />Coffee shops<br />
  3. They still do. Just differently.<br />Instant Messaging/<br />Voice over IP<br />Video Sharing<br />Photo Sharing<br />Social Networking Sites<br />Email<br />Weblogs<br />
  4. Nothing new. People are still talking about your brand.Just a lot more. And faster.<br />
  5. 360° Digital Influence Engagement Framework<br />LISTEN<br />PLAN<br />OPTIMIZE<br />AMPLIFY<br />ENGAGE<br />
  6. Don’t be a stupid monkey.Knowledge is wealth. Monitoring online and listening to what people have to say help us understand what’s going on.<br />
  7. Benefits of listening<br />Tracks perceptions and how messages are being interpreted in the marketplace<br />Identifies promoters <br />Offers a high-level view of emerging trends and what competitors are doing, and customers’ preferences<br />Demonstrates the impact and value of public relations or advertising<br />Helps manage and improve an organization’s reputation<br />
  8. Learn to collect as you listen<br />PBWIKI:<br />Netvibes:<br />Google Reader:<br />Google Alerts:<br />Alltop:<br />Delicious:<br />
  9. Where to go to listen?<br />Blog directories<br />Technorati:<br />Google Blogsearch:<br />Icerocket:<br /><br />Blogarama:<br />
  10. But if you’re anything like me…<br />One-stop-shop<br />Daymix:<br />Whostalkin:<br />Social Mention:<br />monitorThis:<br />Board Tracker:<br />Omgili:<br />
  11. How to listen on Twitter?<br />Wefollow:<br />Tweetizen:<br />MrTweet:<br />Twellow:<br />Muck Rack:<br />Media on Twitter:<br />Twitterfall:<br />Monitter:<br />Hashtag:<br />
  12. Plan planplanplanplan. Who are the influencers and who are the communities that are both relevant and influential for our brand, product or issue program? <br />
  13. How do we evaluate an influencer?<br />Alexa:<br />URLFan:<br />Compete:<br />But if you’re anything like me…<br /><br />
  14. How do we evaluate an influencer?<br />Tracking on Twitter<br />Tweetica:<br />Twitalzyer :<br />Twitter Grader:<br />
  15. How to engage a blogger without sounding like an annoying car salesman.<br />
  16. How to pitch to a blogger: THE DOs<br />Do know what bloggers want<br />Bloggers are most interested in generating comments and links to their blog. How can your story help?<br />Do read their blog before you email them<br />Bloggers respond to a pitch that clearly relates to a topic they’ve covered in their blog. <br />Do give them free stuff<br />It’s not bribery, it’s product testing; if they don’t like want you offer they will let everyone know<br />Do know when to give and exclusive scoop<br />Bloggers tend to form unofficial, online communities and read similar blogs to their own. They usually want to be original and if everyone else is talking about it, they won’t<br />
  17. How to pitch to a blogger: THE-DON’T-EVEN-THINK-ABOUT-IT<br />Don’t underestimate a blogger<br />Bloggers are usually experts in their niche topic and can sense fact fudging<br />Don’t assume it’s all about their readers<br />If a blogger isn’t personally interested in your topic, they won’t write about it<br />Don’t throw away your traditional media handbook<br />Many bloggers are similar to journalists. Your pitch has to be newsworthy and presented with an angle. <br />
  18. Pat Law<br />Digital Strategist | 360° Digital Influence<br />Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide<br />p 6213 7848<br />e <br />our blog: my blog: twitter: @patlaw<br />