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  1. 1. Esta es la lista completa de CONNECTORS (conectores)INTRODUCTION AND REFERENCEon the other handregardingspeaking ofto begin withto start withwith regard toas referred to(at) firstby the waychanging the subjectconcerning consideringfirst of allin reference toin the first placeinitiallyAGREEMENTin accordance within agreementin conformityaccording toas perCOMPARISONin comparison (with)in the same waysimilarlycomparinglikewise
  2. 2. CONTRASTconsidering thatconverselydespiteeven soeven thoughfor all thatfor (my, his, ...) partgiven thathowever in contrastin (the) face ofin (the) light ofin spite of (that)meanwhileneverthelessnonethelessnotwithstandingon the other hand stillthen againthoughunlikewhereaswhileyetafter (all)alternativelyalthoughas opposed toat the same timebut
  3. 3. by contrastby the same tokenEMPHASISeven morein any eventindeedin particularleast of alllet alonemainlymore important(ly) most important(ly)most of allnaturallyparticularlypositivelyprimarilyprincipallyspecifically the basic causethe chief factorthe key pointunquestionablyvaluable to notewithout a doubtabove alla key featurea major concerndefinitelyespecially (not)especially significant
  4. 4. ADDITIONboth ... andeither ... orequally importantfurtherfurthermorein addition (to)indeedjointly last but not leastlikewisemoreoverneither ... nornextnot only ... but alsonot to mentionnot to speak of on top of thatorplussimilarlytogether withwhats moreagainalsoand (then)as well asat the same timebesidesADDING A REMARKincidentallyin fact
  5. 5. on the contraryas a matter of factEXPLANATION OF CAUSEin view ofnow thaton account ofsincethat is becauseasas a result ofbecause (of) due toforin order thatRESULTfor this reasonfor which reasonhencein shortso much (so) thatso that such ... thatthat is whythentherebythereforethusaccordinglyas a consequenceas a resultconsequently
  6. 6. CONCLUSIONsothereforefor this reasonPURPOSEin return forso as toso thatto to the purpose ofto this endwith this in mindwith this purposein an effort toin order thatin order toTIME RELATIONSHIPnowadayspresentlyshortly (after)simultaneouslysinceso farsoontemporarily thenthereafterthroughoutthereuponuntil
  7. 7. up until nowwhileyet at the same timeafter a whileafterward(s)as time goes byat lastat presentat this pointcurrently from now onimmediatelyin the meantimelatelylatermeanwhilenowORDERINGsecondsecondlythirdfollowingnext thenlaterafter thatlastfinallyfirstfirstlyfirst of allin the first place
  8. 8. CIRCUMSTANCESin my opinionin terms ofin the midst ofon the part ofas a last resortas a rulefrom the standpoint ofADDRESSING INFORMATIONfor your informationto whom it may concernESTABLISHING A LIMITas far as Im concernedas far as I understandas well as I knowfor the time beingso faras far as I can rememberas far as I can tellas far as I knowCONDITIONif notin case ofin case (that)in the event of in the event (that)on condition thatonly if
  9. 9. or (else) otherwiseprovided (that)providing (that)whether or notas long aseven ififDISMISSALanywayat any rate in any casewhatever the case may beEXCEPTION / EXCLUSIONapart from (that)aside fromexcept for not ... yetother than thatunlessEXAMPLEincludingin particularin this casein this manner namelysuch astake the case ofthat is the following exampleto illustratefor examplefor instance
  10. 10. in another caseSUBSTITUTION / PREFERENCEin place ofinstead of rather (than)in exchange forREITERATION / REFORMULATIONas I have saidI meanin other wordsmore simply or ratherthat isto put it another wayINTERMEDIATINGin doing sothis waythrough (which)byby means ofCONCESSIONat the same timegranted thatI admit it may appear thatnaturallyof courseafter allalthough it is true thatalthough this may be true
  11. 11. EVIDENCEindeedits no wondernaturallyneedless to say obviouslyof coursewithout questionwithout a doubtas you (anyone) can seecertainlyevidentlyCONCLUSION / SUMMARYin shortin summarylast(ly)on the wholeoverall thereforeto concludeto summarizeto sum upafter allall in allall things consideredas we have seen at lastfinallyin briefin conclusion