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The Website Project

  2. 2. THE WEBSITE• Why is a website needed? • A website is needed so that ‘PATIALVIS’ can be a voice of the city. Patialvis need a platform where we could raise the issues of common importance. Some recent happenings that you don’t like in the city or something you think we should have in the city, we could all raise our voice in unison and maintain Patiala as a royal city not just in words but in deeds too. • The city lacks website for social cause.• How will it work? • Website will be shared with the local media or officials through various marketing channels to highlight the issues and problems being faced by the residents. • It will provide necessary information to the tourists. • It will have direct interaction with twitter and Facebook. • It will include a page about history of Patiala.
  3. 3. Why not FACEBOOK?• THE VETO POWER • Veto controls on a Facebook page are vested with the Facebook management team. • Some topics which are posted to Facebook could be against the government interests and policies or may feel offensive to some, therefore, they can be deleted by the Facebook management or even a page can be banned. It somehow lacks the freedom of thought and speech.• PAGE PROMOTION • A Facebook page extends only a limited promotion support and sharing, thus an independent platform is not only necessary but must.
  4. 4. CONTENTS• Home Page • History of the city• Tourist Attractions • Details of all tourist attractions in the city along with their pictures so that Patiala’s guests get first hand and right spot information. Detailed information can be obtained from Punjab Tourism department.• City Blog • The blog will contain social awareness posts from the city residents. Users will be able to post pictures of the latest happenings around them, whether good or bad and give an expression to their views.• Social events • NGOs and other local organizations would be able to promote their non-profit social events on this page. The events will include blood donation camps, educational camps and fairs, medical camps. Any organization can use this space provided they are not charging anything for what they are offering for the city.• News about Patiala • Latest news of the city collected from various news papers and websites.• Classifieds • The website will have free classifieds where Patialvis will be able to advertise as they like. The classifieds may include (not limiting to) matrimonials, vacancies, automobile trade etc. The free classifieds be available only to individuals, businesses interested in utilizing this space to promote their products or services must pay a fee which will be used towards maintenance of the website.• Key contacts • This page will have information about all the key contacts of the city.
  5. 5. Refreshing the History• Maps • It will include the unseen maps of Patiala, from the time of Baba Ala Singh to the Maharajas, just a little dose of the history to see Patiala in different lights.• Picture Gallery • A picture gallery including categories like Maharajas of Patiala, with a peep into their lifestyle, family, architecture and modern Patiala.
  6. 6. Education• This page will include a list of all the educational institutions in the city along with the following: • Name of all the schools, colleges, universities. • Infrastructure. • Review of the Patialvis about the infrastructure of each educational institution. • The suggestions for improvement will be delivered to the respective authorities.
  7. 7. Healthcare Facilities• First hand information of all the healthcare institutions in the city along with the following: • Facilities available • Infrastructure • List of the doctors • First hand review from the Patialvis regarding the infrastructure and the facilities provided by the hospitals.
  8. 8. YOUR VOICEYour feedback is important. If you have any suggestions, pleasecontact us on the following domains: CONTACT INFORMATION Email Phone 0-8968296366 (from India) +1-646-330-5056 (Other Countries) Future Website
  9. 9. VOLUNTEERS• This will be a website for the Patialvis and by the Patialvis. We’d like to invite you to volunteer in making this dream come true. Here is a list of volunteers who have already been enrolled along with their roles.Name Role PhoneWORDSMITH.IN Management - Domain and HostingVikram Handa Content vikram.handa@patialvis.netJagjeet Singh Pictures jagjeet.singh@patialvis.netKaran Sharma Public Relations karan.sharma@patialvis.netNavdeep Singh Citizen Reporter navdeep.singh@patialvis.netYOUR NAME YOUR ROLE YOUR EMAIL AT PATIALVIS.NET