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PATHS Poster, iSchool launch


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PATHS poster used by Paul Clough et al, at the launch of the University of Sheffield iSchool in June 2011.

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PATHS Poster, iSchool launch

  1. 1. Personalised access to cultural heritage spaces Mark M. Hall, Paula Goodale, Samuel Fernando, Paul Clough, Mark Stevenson, Nigel Ford The Paths project aims to provide improved access to digital Cultural Heritage collections through the use of personalised pathways through the Cultural Heritage information space. These pathways can be provided by experts, other users, or suggested by the Paths system based on the users personal interests, knowledge, and preferred cognitive style. Concept The Paths project will take a user-led, iterative approach to Collect both the research and systems development. In the initial phase a number of studies will be used to determine how people think Surveys about pathways and how they make use of existing digital Cultural Heritage systems. Iterative System Experiments Surveys Development Literature Experiments Log analysis Qualitative What do people look at? How do you create a path? How do people navigate between items? How are paths used? User-based Evaluation criteria evaluation Live system analysis Quantitative What is the user currently interested in? How often do people use existing digital What is the users current personal style? Cultural Heritage resources? How easy to use are existing digital Create Cultural Heritage resources? Building is_a Consume L.S. Lowry Mine Factory When a user consumes a path the system will adapt Communicate created_by has_subject the interface to the users cognitive style (how they like to approach new areas) and personal interests. Sketch Photograph Painting Follow our progress atThe Paths project will utilise novel user-interfaces and a powerful http://www.paths-project.eugraph-based representation of the digital Cultural Heritage data to "I want to be Dependent led through a veryenable the user to collect items, create a path from the items, specific area that I Or viacommunicate the path to others and consume others paths. am interested in" @PATHS_project Local Global Iron Works 19th century PATHS-Personalised Access to CH spaces "I prefer gettingIndustrial Revolution terraced houses a good overview PATHS-Personalised Access to CH spaces on my own" Railway Poster Independent Disused mine Cognitive-style dimensions after Pask & Witkin Basic Ideas about The Rocket Funded by FP7-ICT-2009-6 Grant No. 270082 the Industrial Railways Revolution This will also form one of the foundations for evaluating the performance of the Paths systemPath about the Industrial Revolution Theme Item Learning Outcome