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Certified Hypnotherapist Course E-Brochure

  1. 1. ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION INTENSIVEGain the Skills of Hypnotherapy and Self Confidenceto Book Your First Paying Client Even Before You Complete the Course. APPLY NOW! +65 9067 0785 10am to 10pm GMT+8 julieh@pathlightcentre.com HERE ARE THE FACTS... People desire success and want to overcome bad habits. But nothing will change until they first reprogram the existing software that is operating their brain. Well you must agree that the subconscious mind is 100 times more powerful than the physical will, don’t you? Now what if you could create change in people at the deepest level?Most of all, you will be doing work that allows you Install new empowering beliefs, habits and feelings that the client wants running their subconscious mind?to wake up energized and go to bed satisfied. What if you could put a stop to people’s destructive habits and finally1. You could start your newweeks. 2. Partchoose. full time. 3. Your rules. profession in less than 2 You time or Your freedom. lead them confidently up the road to success? And perform all these transformation work while earning at least (minimum) $150 per session.
  2. 2. YOU CAN GET CERTIFIED TOUSE THE 5-PATH® ADVANCED “PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE” That is our mantra.HYPNOTHERAPY IN 10 DAYS You will be doing 35 hours of intensive This is how we GUARANTEE that you will be guided practice with your course mates able to book your first client right after com-Hi! I’m Pete Tan. through the duration of the certification. pleting the course.Since 2002 I’ve been the head coach of The practice will help you gain experience, A course of this intensity and amount of re-Singapore’s largest NLPtm training course. sources provided is usually at least $7000. But discover your strengths, weaknesses and profit is not our primary goal. Nurturing honestI’ve worked with more than 1000 clients develop your very own hypnotherapy style. professionals who genuinely like to help peopleand personally certified more than 70 working is.hypnotherapists.I am a certified hypnotherapist by BanyanHypnosis Centre (approved by National Guildof Hypnotists). WHY THOUSANDS HAVE CHOSENI was personally trained by the founder ofthe 5-PATH® Advanced Hypnotherapy, to TO BECOME A HYPNOTHERAPISTteach and train students. You get to help people You can work wherever you You can earn more than $150I am a Certified Professional Hypnotherapy want to an hourInstructor (CPHI) & 7th path self hypnosis People need your help to feel bet-teacher of the Ultimate 5th degree by Banyan ter. Sometimes they come to you One of the biggest advantages of Yes that’s right. You can earn moreHypnosis Centre. after trying out traditional methods being a self employed hypnothera- than $150 an hour when you’re that didn’t work for them and pist is that you can work from wher- starting out. You can charge a lotI am also a Licensed Provisional Trainer of sometimes they just come to you more after you gain some experi- ever you want to. You can have anNeuro-Linguistic Programmingtm to train directly. Making people better ence. Some of the experienced makes you feel really good inside office of your own or you can work Hypnotherapists charge $300 anand certify students as Master Practitioners from home. You can work anywhereof NLPtm. and makes working as a hypno- hour. therapist a very fulfilling you feel comfortable.In 10 days I can teach you how to use the profession. You also control your income5-PATH® Advanced Hypnotherapy and become Choose who you work witha TEACHER of 7th Path Self Hypnosis. You get to be self employed If you want to make more money You can also choose the clients you you just market yourself more and Working for a bad boss can be so like to work with. This will always book more appointments. If you’re frustrating. You can work as a self- make work pleasant and enjoyable. not so keen on making more money You will learn in depth theories subconsciously employed hypnotherapist and be Working in an office with colleagues just market yourself a little less with my proprietary hypnotic training methodology. your own boss. This means you and clients you don’t like can be and book fewer appointments. This make up the rules at work. You all depends upon whether you’re very painful and boring. Being self have no one to answer to. You can working full time or part time or work at anytime you want to. No employed means no more office you have something important toIt is an intensive 100 hour program that gives you politics, mean colleagues etc. one’s ever going to force you to do attend to. You get to do what youall the real-world knowledge you need to launch a something you don’t want to do. want first.successful career as a hypnotherapist.
  3. 3. HERE IS WHAT YOU’LL GET WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR “ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION INTENSIVE” RESOURCES FOR THE ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPIST BASIC STUDENT MANUAL ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPY MANUAL• Learn the fundamentals of hypnosis • How to do instant inductions that• Use of classical and modern work every time, approaches to hypnosis, • How to do covert testing,• Ethical concerns, • Learn advanced deepening techniques,• How to install waking suggestion, • Perform hypnotic age regression,• How to perform suggestibility testing, • Types of forgiveness therapies,• Hypnosis scripts • Techniques of parts therapy,• Modern inductions and procedures • And much more. such as the Elman-Banyan hypnotic induction• And much more. HYPNOSIS AND HYPNOTHERAPY : BASIC THE 7TH PATH SELF-HYPNOSIS MANUAL TO ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR THE (SGD15.50) PROFESSIONAL (by Calvin D. Banyan and • Self help manual that will guide you to Gerald Kein) personal success with self hypnosis. Usual price: SGD 47.95 • Over 218 pages guide to conducting **THE TRUTH ABOUT HYPNOSIS MANUAL successful hypnosis sessions (DVD presentation by Calvin D. Banyan) • 2 world famous hypnotherapists parts the (Usual price: SGD 37.95) curtain and shares their trade secrets • Never have to explain to your client what Hypnosis s all about. THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF FEELINGS • Allay their fears, confirm their suspicions (by Calvin D. Banyan) Usual price: SGD 35.00 and win them over with Cal’s expert explanation. • Breakthrough techniques of reading and • Pop it into the video player and as your alleviating negative emotions. Client watches, will also feel more • You will know exactly what emotions your comfort able immediately. client is going through • Use the correct therapy methods. • Your client will trust you completely in knowing you understand EXACTLY how they feel
  4. 4. HERE IS WHAT YOU’LL GET WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR “ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION INTENSIVE” **BUSINESS ACTION PACK Everything You Need To Run a Successful Practice Business Action PackBUSINESS START-UP PACK CREDIBILITY TOOLS: MEMBERSHIPS (SGD 87.50) AND CERTIFICATIONS FOR DISPLAY• Templates and forms we personally Frame and display them prominently. use to run our hypnosis practice. When your client sees them, they• Eg: can’t help but feel more and more ‣ Telephone answering scripts trust in you. ‣ Preventing no-shows ‣ Brochure design • Membership with the National Guild• Proven Marketing Strategy Guide of Hypnotists, Inc (NGH) for 1 year. ‣ Attract eager clients to call you ‣ Receive newsletters and magazines right away straight to your mail box. ‣ Learn how to answer enquiries on ‣ Keep updated of latest methods in WHICH PLAN FITS YOU BEST? the phone hypnosis a and therapy. ‣ Close the sale with confidence Full-Time Advanced Hypnotherapist Certification Course • 5- PATH™ Advanced Hypnotherapy This is a 10 day course which is held during the weekdays. The** Exclusive only for The PathLight Certificate. timings for this course are 9:00 AM to 6:30PM. This is an intensiveCentre graduates. Other centres in course and within two weeks you will emerge a certifiedSingapore are not giving these items • 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher hypnotherapist.for free. Certificate. Weekend Advanced Hypnotherapist Certification Course This a 12 day course which is held during the weekends. The timings • Master Hypnotist Certificate. for this course are 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM. This weekend course takes longer than the full time course as we revise everything that was • National Guild of Hypnotist thought to you in the earlier classes as there’s a gap of 5 days Recognition Certificate. between the weekends. We want to refresh what you’ve learnt so that everything is easy to understand. Total of FOUR certifications, each measuring at least 11 by 14 inches Skill Upgrades for Hypnosis Professionals with 5-PATH® ™ and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher’s Certification This a 7 day course held on the weekdays and weekends. Classes are held between 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM. This course is for hypnosis professionals who want to develop their hypnosis skills.
  5. 5. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY “ “ I booked my first client 3 days before My Body System Went Into I completed the certification and Shock On the First Day When I earned $997 immediately... Heard All The Profanities My colleague persuaded me to check out the course. I did not in- I am already a professional in the healing industry, so very rarely tend to become a professional hypnotherapist. I was highly skeptical do I get impressed. But I must say Pete delivers with impact and he of the trainer too, since he seemed brash and unpolished as a speaker. knows his stuff at the back of his hand. Then I learnt the theories with ease and received raving feedback Honestly, my body system went into a shock on the first day when from my course mates in my hypnosis skills. Pete is truly special. I I heard all the profanities. But over the next nine days, I realized that can’t describe what Pete is like; you’ll just have to listen to him to it was ok. He has a way of delivering everything he needs to in a very find out for yourself. It seemed like I learnt everything unconsciously. casual way and yet I knew I was getting it all and more. I love thePerry Lai, CH Yvonne Yeo,www.Perry-Lai.com I booked my first client 3 days before I completed the certification Southeast Asias first style of this trainer and am happy with the content that I received. I and earned $997 immediately. I got the confidence to quit my full time certified Quantum-Touch will definitely use all these skills learnt in future sessions with my Instructor job with a $5000 per month paycheck 2 months later. Never looked clients. back since. “ “ It Was Simply a Magical Feeling 2 Paying Clients in 2 Weeks to be Able to Laugh Like I Used to... of Graduation... Here is the truth that I haven’t told many people. Initially, I thought to myself - I joined the course to recover from depression. I needed to stay on 1) Can I really be certified within just 2 weeks of training? track to rid myself of that terrible state and wanted to gain some self 2) Does hypnosis really work for everyone? confidence in the process. I actually thought to myself that there is no Then the trainer and even the past students were willing to way I can help someone else now. I just need to focus on getting bet- chat with me to clarify every doubt I had. ter first. So I did not even entertain the thought that I could be a prac- Now I am convinced that I am a highly trained certified hypno-Lynn Chen, CH ticing hypnotherapist. therapistYoga instructor But then I met Pete. I can’t explain what happened, within a mere Fazdli Jamal, CH with just 2 weeks of training. We were practicing our few days into the course, I was able to let go of emotional baggage Clinical Instructor (22 skills almost every minute of the course! I consider myself a skeptic. that had haunted me for a long time. years old) So when I was successfully hypnotized, It was simply a magical feeling to be able to laugh like I used to. I knew then that I was capable of putting anyone into hypnosis. From then, I am convinced I’ve found the path. I am grateful to Pete to I got 2 paying clients in less than 2 weeks of graduating from the show me what is truly possible. If I could laugh like a child again given course. And I formed a waiting list of 3 more clients after starting my past, I could do anything I set my mind to. For the past 12 months, with my first 2. I am privileged to have helped people who suffered depression like me My course mate and I have even prepared to run a class of 20 to feel hope again, and improve their lives. attendees. All these in mere 14 days after graduation. Pete is I’ve also helped addicts to quit smoking. And even helped people to phenomenal. After his training, I developed rock solid confidence lose weight effortlessly with hypnosis. in my ability to help people through hypnotherapy. If you are looking All these are possible because the 5 Path has a standard process to work in a career that satisfies you and pays you what you which I can simply apply to any issue that client wants to work on. truly deserve, I suggest you give Pathlight Centre a call. And most importantly I’ve gained so much confidence in myself after this course knowing I can help others.
  6. 6. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY “ I Helped My Wife Deliver “ I Remembered All the Facts Without Even Realizing That I Learnt It! a 4.4kg Baby With Hypnosis. I was totally shocked with Pete’s unique way of teaching! I had 2 doubts when I was considering joining I remembered all the facts without even realizing that I learnt it! I find his style very effective and I the course. enjoyed every second of the course. I gained gems of knowledge in a short 2 weeks. Pete can explain 1.) Whether the course will equip me with the concepts or things and answer questions in the simplest way. I was actually quite nervous at first, but he necessary skills to be a professional therapist knows exactly how to motivate or build up our confidence differently for each of us. He prepared us hard 2.) Whether hypnotherapy certification is useful for what we might face when working with actual paying clients. I’m glad I have found the right instructor in the first place for myself. This course has given me more confidence and money and I wholeheartedly recommend this After my further interaction with the trainer andSuparna Kapoor, course without any thoughts. also verification of the trainers competencies, IPersonal Fitness Trainer &Hypnotherapist decided to give it a try. Boy was I happy with my decision„ Here is just one example of success stories I’ve been able to contribute to: My client had nerve wrecking examination I Used Hypnosis To Give Birth to “ jitters that destroyed all the hard work she put Asia’s Largest Baby Ever Born – into studying. In just 3 hours, I helped her bring that wall down for good. Not only that, she is now Naturally and Without Epidural! ranked 4th in the entire cohort. Here is another success story that is very close to my heart. Before I attend the course, Ive seen students from the course I was able to utilize the skills I learned in CH to before me perform hypnosis and wondered if I could REALLY hypno- facilitate my wife, Nicole’s delivery process, tize someone. But I chose to trust in the trainer and the fact that so saving her from the epidural anesthesia and yet many students before me have done it mean that I can too! I am glad I enjoying the whole process without feeling any did! I now help clients resolve challenges that they are facing and pain. move on in their life effectively. And though I get paid good money, I I recommend anyone to learn hypnotherapy would happily do this for free. skills from Pete, not just as a professional I then put what I learnt to the greatest challenge. I decided to give development for yourself, but also to help people birth naturally to my first baby with only hypnosis as my pain man- you love. agement. I was totally shocked by the results! Throughout the whole labor, I did not feel any pain and I actually thought that the duration Sherwyn Chew, CH, MPNLP of the labor was much shorter than it actually was! There is absolutely no need for any pain relief medication despite that my baby girl is 4.4kg at birth, making her the hospitals largest Asian baby delivered by my ob gynea! Hypnosis works and I have a cute little human being that will vouch for that. Nicole Tan, CH, HBCE, MPNLP
  7. 7. HISTORY F.A.Q’S FOR ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION INTENSIVEThis system was actually designed because Cal What is 5-PATH® ? Part time is only run over 6 weekends. Yahoo group and Facebook groupneeded to train his hypnotherapists in a way thatwas easy to learn, supervise and provided predict- support network where past graduates men- 5-PATH® is a systematic, tested and proven Pete needs to spend more time to recap and tor and share what works now will make sureable success rate. He needed to develop method of hypnotherapy. Using this technique revise the course with the students because you are nevera universal approach to hypnotherapy that could of hypnotherapy you can help your clients of the 5 day gaps between each weekend. alone in your journey.be applied to 99% of cases. 5-PATH® was the result deal with most of their problems like badof his team’s research and design. habits, fears, addictions etc. This revision will ensure that what you’ve Are the certificates recognised? learnt is fresh in your memory and make the How different are you from other CH course easy to follow.The Trademarked Process: Yes, all 4 certificates (certified hypnotherapist ) courses out there?Before the Hypnosis Session You will help the client Full time course is thought over 10 a) 5-PATH® Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificateget comfortable with you and your environment. You weekdays. I.e. in 2 weeks. Therefore it’s more In our course the main focus is on b) 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher Certificatewill also help the client to feel confident that hypno- intensive. practicing hypnotherapy that works in the c) Master Hypnotist Certificatesis can be the solution to his / her problem. real world. d) National Guild of Hypnotist Recognition Certifi- You will be a certified hypnotherapist within 2 cateYou will do all these by using your office’s looks and weeks.giving your client information about what to expect in The intensive practical sessions arethe process. are recognized in various countries. Using conducted with expert guidance. What support do you provide for these certificates you can practiceThen the 5-PATH® process begins. students from the course? hypnotherapy in many countries. You are guaranteed to learn the right skills and apply them with confidence.The therapist will take the client through the You will receive a Business Start up Kit. This What is 5-PATH® hypnotherapy?Following phases, each improving the success of the kit is the same one we use to start our own Our goal is to have every graduate ready to practice.subsequent phase: work with their first paying client the moment 5-PATH® was developed by Calvin they complete the course. Banyan, a multi award winning hypnotherapy1) Direct Suggestion with Convincers Inside you will receive all the necessary2) Age Regression and Informed Child Technique forms and scripts to help you attract instructor, from thousands of hours of work-3) Forgiveness of Others Therapy Pete has a proprietary style of training which ing with hypnosis and hypnotherapy clients clients and close the sale. and combining breakthrough techniques4) Forgiveness of Self Therapy will help you learn effortlessly and have fun5) Parts Mediation Therapy at the same time. taught by some of the master teachers in the Students also get a special 30% discount profession of hypnotism.This had been a quick overview of 5-PATH®, a to rent the therapy/training room. Why the part time course is 12 dayssystematic approach to doing hypnotherapy, which is Unlimited email support will be there for the Thousands of professionals around the world while full time is only 10 days ?almost universally effective in the problems that our first 3 months to help you get started. now use this systematic process.clients face. It can be modified to suit the client andapplication by the therapist.
  8. 8. What is 7th Path Hypnotherapy ? such as improving motivation, concentration, breaking After extensive experience and a great deal of a bad habit, or whatever, the positive effects of using inspiration, he developed a well known form of this system will affect many other areas of your life. It hypnotherapy called 5-PATH® which is one of theSelf-Hypnosis That Helps You Get What You Really is truly a mind-body-spirit and emotional energy ap- fastest growing forms of hypnotherapy in the world.Want in Life proach to self-improvement. Mr. Banyan did not stop there. He thought that hisImagine yourself free from all of the negative pro- This powerful new system of self-hypnosis enables the highly respected and very successful 5-PATH®gramming, stress, and painful emotions from the practitioners to break free of old habits and limiting hypnotherapy system as just the beginning of a ma-past. beliefs then begin to create new beneficial habits and jor system of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, that he felt move beyond what the old limited self was able to needed a self-hypnosis component.Imagine living in the moment and never overreacting accomplish.again by getting too angry, frustrated, or sad. This is when he began his own journey of discovery The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System does this by first as each part of the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® wasImagine being able to "program" yourself for success. removing old negative programming from your past, revealed. Each part of the process hypnotic sugges-What if that was possible? such as limiting beliefs and habits. Then, you begin to tions called, “Recognitions” were first discovered and work on any specific issue that you care to focus on. then used by his personal clients.Now with 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® you can. Everyone who learns 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® gets the, The power of these Recognitions were astonishingThe 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is an exciting develop- receives a copy of the Get on the Path booklet. and he was inspired to teach other hypnotherapistsment in the field of Mind-Body-Spirit personal devel- around the world, who have in turn taught thousandsopment. It is changing lives all across the USA and of people who have now used 7th Path Self-Hypnosisaround the world by combining the powers of self- Where Did 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® to change their lives for the better.hypnosis and your own highest belief systems. Come From?Practitioners of this new self-hypnosis system willbenefit in many ways because it is a holistic ap- American Hypnotherapist, Calvin Banyan, MA, a Board (excerpted fromproach. Certified Hypnotherapist, who has a Masters in www.7thpathselfhypnosis.com) Psychology, has spent years studying "talk-therapy,"This means that as you work on a particular issue hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, prayer and meditation. +65 9067 0785 10am to 10pm GMT+8 julieh@pathlightcentre.com