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New York Worker's Compensation - Koenigsberg Law


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Koenigsberg Law will make sure you get the maximum benefits from your New York worker's compensation claim.

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New York Worker's Compensation - Koenigsberg Law

  1. 1. WORKER’S COMPENSATION LAW Robert A. Koenigsberg is here to help you with your claim.You may be entitled to more benefits than you think!
  2. 2. WHAT IS WORKER’S COMP?  It is a form of compensation and/or insurance that “provides cash benefits and/or medical care for workers who are injured/ill as a direct result of their job.”  The compensation received by a worker is not contingent on their potential carelessness, or on other determinants of “fault” as long as the worker’s accident is absent of intoxication from drugs or alcohol.  The NewYorkWorker’s Compensation Board – a state agency – processes all compensation claims.
  3. 3. WHO IS COVERED BYTHEWORKER’S COMP LAW?  Any employee working for a for-profit organization including:  Full-time employees  Part-time employees  Contract employees  Family-members of business owners  Public servants employed with the state of NewYork  Police Officers  Garbage Men  Judge Clerks  Public school teachers – EXCLUDING those employed by NYC
  4. 4. THE CLAIM PROCESS FORWORKER’S COMP  Immediately After the Incident:  Get medical treatment for the injury  Notify your supervisor  File a Form EmployeeClaim (C-3) with theWorker’s Compensation Board  This must occur within two years of the employee knowing the injury resulted from the workplace  Within 48 hours of the Accident:  Your doctor files a Doctor’s Initial Report (C-4) with the Board  Within 10 days:  Your employer reports the injury to their insurance and the board  With in 2 weeks of the Employer’s report on the injury:  The insurer will write a statement explaining the worker’s rights  Within 18 days of the Employer’s report on the injury:  Payments of benefits begin from the insurer to the worker
  5. 5. OURWORKER’S COMP BLOG POSTS  For more information on compensation:  /workers-comp-laws-each-injury/  /appealing-a-denied-workers-compensation- claim/  /big-or-small-firm-in-a-workers-comp-claim/
  6. 6. ROBERT A KONIGSBERG WILL HELP!  Whether you were injured while running an errand for your boss, in a construction accident or in an industrial accident, contact NewYork workers’ comp lawyer Robert A. Koenigsberg to discuss your legal options.  If you were injured before March 13, 2007, we will explain how your benefits are covered under the old law.  We offer free initial consultations at our law office, which is conveniently located across the street from the Federal Plaza in downtown Manhattan.We look forward to helping you recover.