Willow, week two, part two


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Willow's report of her second week, part 2.

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Willow, week two, part two

  1. 1. “No, I haven‟t seen the salt, it was on the table earlier”
  2. 2. I SAID HI TO TILULA…but she doesn‟t want to play, she just sits there…even if I bark at her pathfinderdogs.org
  3. 3. I did try hide and seek once, but I couldn‟t find herpathfinderdogs.org
  4. 4. Due to the hosepipe ban, I had to take the hose off Steve and hide it. pathfinderdogs.org
  5. 5. tug of war is a fungame…I usually win pathfinderdogs.org
  6. 6. ME AND LUKE HIDING In Crystals cage… one of us has been naughty (and it wasn‟t me) pathfinderdogs.org
  7. 7. I met the goats pathfinderdogs.org
  8. 8. and had to go back to the vet‟s for another injection. pathfinderdogs.org
  9. 9. But that meansthat next week Ican go „out‟….…so I‟ll let you know what happens next time pathfinderdogs.org