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Willow june 2012


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Here's Willow doing extremely well in her puppy raising stages, 6 months old.

Published in: Lifestyle, Education
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Willow june 2012

  1. 1. CLASSIC PHOTO ALBUMHi, can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve given you an update, I’ve got sooo much to tell you, here is what I’ve been up to ….
  2. 2. I am now a hypnotist:Look into my eyes and feed me .
  3. 3. I’ve grown into my ears
  4. 4. But I’m stilltreated like ababy
  5. 5. I play hideand seekwith Tilula, Ihave to sitand count to10…1,2,38,9,10…ready or not, here I come
  6. 6. Sometimes ittakes ages tofind her
  7. 7. We also play ‘TAG, YOUR IT’ ….but she can’t catch me I’m too quick
  8. 8. Of coarse its not all play, I’ve been to ‘puppy classes’ Where I had to behave…..
  9. 9. But if I do well, I get treats 
  10. 10. And play with the other puppies.
  11. 11. Debbiecomesover tosee meandcheckI’mbeinggood
  12. 12. I get to go out in the car with the roof down ifits sunny….. …and yes, I have got my seatbelt on. Mum, look where your going, I don’t want to crash
  13. 13. I also sleep a lot… ….not sure if I’m dreaming that I’m swimming or begging here
  14. 14. When it gets hot, Luke gets the hosepipe out and we mess around
  15. 15. I wasalsogiven apool topaddlein
  16. 16. The goat’sseemfriendly But I’m wary of anything with horns
  17. 17. Me and Luke are best pals
  18. 18. I’ve been out ‘training’, here’s me at the train station
  19. 19. And walking around the village
  20. 20. Kambo came over to play…I look tiny next to him
  21. 21. But that’s all for now, I’m going out to the park to chase my frisbee See you next time