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Rickshaw pullers shout for green


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Rickshaw Pullers demanding green

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Rickshaw pullers shout for green

  1. 1. Rickshaw Pullers shouts for Green <ul><li>Unbelievable but true. Rickshaw Pullers of Delhi, who belongs to FORPI (Federation of Rickshaw Pullers of India), has joined hands with the activists of Greenpeace Foundation and other noted organization to raise their voices for pro climate deal of Copenhagen on 12th December 2009 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. </li></ul><ul><li>Around thousand sanctuaries less Rickshaw pullers, who have been organized under the sunshade of FORPI, now been lively to shelter their mother earth, and ashamed billions of so called educated people, who claims to be elegant citizen and not bothered about the climate threat on human kind over and above all the existing belongings on the Earth. </li></ul><ul><li>In the answer to a question of local radio channel, Pawan Yadav, a rickshaw puller, states that if educated and civilized populace of our country remains unconcerned to the changing climate scenario, we will have to face major consequences. While Munna Singh, another rickshaw driver speaks about climate justice and says that he and most of his friends are not ready to inhale harmful gases of luxury vehicle for free. </li></ul>While, the changing mindset of poor rickshaw pullers gives a wake up call to those, who enjoys climate annihilation at the cost of their luxury also hints planners and makers of the world to notice have not class and their environmental rights as well as to think over climate justice. The awakening call of rickshaw pullers was also an alarm to the local administration and municipal bodies, who instead of promoting eco friendly mode of short distance travel, planning to make the millions of them bereft of their livelihood in the process of increasing the comfort of luxury personal vehicle driver in the city. The march of environmental activists demanding Copenhagen Deal in favour of Climate Protection, accompanied by the rickshaw pullers, demanding climate justice, Started from Ramleela Ground at 11.30 and reached Jantar Mantar at approximately 1.30 pm for final demonstration. “ Rickshaw Chalao – Dharti Bachao, Climate Ke liye … Bajaao” Save Rickshaw . . . Save Environment