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PATH is a youth based organization, working on the issues of "Sustainable Development" and "Sustainable Livelihood" in five provinces of India

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Profile of PATH

  1. 1. PATH ... is an emerging social enterprise; a voluntary youth Organisation founded in the year 2000, and is registered under Societies Registration Act of 1860.
  2. 2.  Our Motive... to work as a facilitator to give momentum to the ongoing process of sustainable development over and above sustainable livelihood. We intend to empower the people to become the carrier of development of their own as well as the community. We intend to create a network of these individuals in order to maximize the impact of their efforts.  Our Vision... a society, where young natives are equipped and empowered to make a difference. A society, whose younger generation enhances the lives of its people; so that the goal of a powerful and progressive nation and a hygienic earth could be achieved,.  Our Belief... that the unique biological, climatic, geographical, linguistic and religious diversities of our country are great unifying factors, have also been the cause of conflict and strife between communities. This compels PATH to begin as the change agent or change facilitator to evolve a development strategy, which is socially relevant, economically viable, environmentally sound, genderly just and sustainable in the modern atmosphere of 'Post Liberalization Era'.
  3. 3.  We co walkers of PATH... ... are young, enthusiastic people devoted to the cause of social welfare and upliftment. We trust, we can make a positive contribution in to the holistic development and empowerment of needy section of society through our strong commitment and value driven steps.  Our Virtue... to shuffle following constituent in our every efforts and activities...  Participation… We, the co - walkers of PATH work as a team and demonstrate it before the community and the society to encourage the sense of participation.  Integrity... our work life is value based. We hold ourselves accountable to our stake holders and strive to fulfill all commitments made to them in a sustainable manner. We are consistent in the value and that drive out actions and activities.  Leadership... We are proactive in our efforts and take total responsibility for our actions. We aim at inspiring others to take on leadership roles through our actions.  Learning... We strive to continuously learn and grow as individuals. We seek to learn from all people and experiences. We aim at providing similar learning experiences to all people, who work with us.  Diversity... We enjoy working with people from different backgrounds. We involve as many youngsters as possible in order to develop new and innovative solutions to address issues.  Our Methodology... ...lies in the strength of the program. Condition of art, training, techniques is integrated in to the idea of making the interventions thoroughly interactive. A blend of innovative methods, such as - outdoor activities, theatre, discussions, interactive games, behavioral exercise, music and adventure activities contribute to the uniqueness of most of our Programmes. Special emphasis is placed on creativity based work, i.e. - learning by doing.
  4. 4. Our Focus Areas... ...following focus areas, around which all our activities are developed. We feel these areas play very crucial role in the fulfillment of our vision. Our focus areas are... 1. Sustainable Development: The ongoing “Save Gen next Campaign” contains our total effort and initiative to facilitate positive change and raise awareness about swiftly worsening climatic condition and CO2 emission in the city and worldwide. And probably most desired step to move towards development, which is truly sustainable. In the year 2007 and 2008 PATH took the responsibility of connecting India with Global Climate Campaign, a move against swiftly Spreading fiend called Global Warming and support activists move on Kyoto Protocol. This project is being supported by the following campaigns: Save Gen Next Campaign: Activities:  Audio Visual Presentation in Schools  Audio Visual Presentation in Residents Welfare Association  Inter School Painting, Essay and Debate Competitions  Door to door Campaign  Peepal Tree for Us Movement  Save Rickshaw Save Environment
  5. 5. Sustainable Livelihood: Our complete focus is on efforts to help rural as well as urban populace specifically women and young citizens themselves to develop entrepreneurship skill other than their support through organizing, imparting training and linking them with Nationalized Banks and other Govt and Private Financial Institutions. We also help our beneficiaries through skill up gradation workshops and training camps on regular intervals. Our co operative ‘Stree Nidhi’ is a group of SHGs, works on both domestic product manufacturing and sell out, over and above the purchase co operative system. While, we facilitate maximum no of SHGs in Delhi, while more than hundred SHGs are in branches of Bihar and Uttaranchal. We have active participation in issues related to their lives, i.e. female feticide, domestic violence against women and striving hard to organize the underprivileged and unorganized women workers in the process of increasing their livelihood opportunities, self- reliance and internal strength to determine choice in life. We are also looking after the betterment of unorganized sector laborers like rickshaw pullers as well as their role in an organized urban life style. Such as: teaching them behavioral pattern and providing Traffic Training to them also try to bridge the gap between the urban populace with them through their identification in association with the enforcement agencies and helping them to become an integral part of the urban society  Activities:  Self - Employment Generation Initiatives  Creation and Maintenance of SHGs  Facilitating Small Savings  Imparting Trainings for Self Employment  Helping to get Small Loans  Skill Up gradation workshops and Seminars  Linkage with Financial Institutions / Banks  Linkage with „Stree Nidhi‟ Cooperative  Federation of Rikshaw Pullers of India  Atma-Shakti: a new initiative for Women Domestic Helpers   Other Activities:  Development Communication  Children‟s Education  Health Nutrition and Rehabilitation  Legal Aid and Awareness  Protection of Cultural Heritage etc.
  6. 6. Our ongoing Projects and Campaigns in Delhi:  Project on sustainable livelihood of women through micro credit  Social Security of Domestic Women Entrepreneurs  Sustainable Development Training to the Domestic Women Workers  Women’s Cooperative as their Income Generation and Small Saving tool  Micro Credit Implementation amongst the Rickshaw and Cart pullers of Delhi  Social Security of Rickshaw Pullers of Delhi  Traffic Training of Rickshaw Pullers of Delhi  ‘Save Rickshaw – Save Environment’ Campaign with students of Delhi University and Residents Welfare Associations  ‘Save Gen Next Campaign’ in association of the Residents Welfare Associations  ‘Save Gen Next Campaign’ in association of the Leading Schools of Delhi  ‘Peepal Plantation Drive’ with the partnership of Corporate Houses  Mr. Bachpan / Ms. Bachpan Title Dance Competition with 30 Leading Schools of Delhi
  7. 7.  OUR PREVIOUS ASSOCIATIONS …  Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi  Directorate of Education, Govt.  Our Partners in the ongoing of Bihar Projects of Delhi:  National Hydro-electrical Power Corporation  World Wildlife Fund (WWF)  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited  Child Relief and You (CRY)  Jagan School of Management  More than 100 Leading Schools of Studies Delhi  District Rural Development  More than 50 Resident Welfare Authority Associations (RWAs) of Delhi  District Tuberculosis Detection &  SOS Children’s Village, Delhi prevention etc.  Around 100 top Schools of Delhi  District Tuberculosis Detection &  National AIDS Control prevention Organisation  National AIDS Control  Delhi State Blood Transfusion Organisation Council  District Rural Development  Ministry of Rural Development, Authority Govt of India etc.  Delhi State Blood Transfusion Council