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Food safety 101 reduced size


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Food safety 101 reduced size

  1. 1. Food Safety 101 Food Pantries
  2. 2. Safe food handlingprotects the healthof people seeking food assistance.
  3. 3. Course Objectives:• Identify safe & unsafe food products• Assess food packaging• Identify & decipher package codes
  4. 4. Food Sources• Direct from the Great Plains Food Bank• Collected through local food drives• Donations from individuals and businesses
  5. 5. Food Categories• Non-perishable• Perishable• Fresh
  6. 6. Assessing Food SafetyStep 1: Do a visual inspection.
  7. 7. Discard products that have: Damaged Broken Signs of Packaging Seals Tampering
  8. 8. Discard cans that are: Bulging Have rust Have sharp spots dents (smooth dents are OK)
  9. 9. Discard products that have: A foul odor or visible signs of spoilage.
  10. 10. Discard productsthat have:Labels that are torn,stained or unreadable.All products must havea readable ingredientlist on their label.
  11. 11. When in doubt… …throw it out.
  12. 12. Assessing Food SafetyStep 1: Do a visual inspection.Step 2: Check Product Codes
  13. 13. Codes indicate quality & freshnessThey do not indicate food safety.Food is still safe to eat for a specified rangeof time after the date code.
  14. 14. Manufacturer Codes: These may or may not include a mm/dd/yy. All or part of the code may be decipherable only by the manufacturer. If a date is included, it is a pack date that indicates when the package was sealed at the factory.
  15. 15. Freshness / Quality Codes:
  16. 16. Date Rangesof Safe Food Baby food and formula should not be used beyond package date code. Download Chart >>
  17. 17. When in doubt… …throw it out.
  18. 18. You are animportant partner in our mission to create hunger-free communities. . Please contact us if you have any questions. (701) 232-6219