Office 365 and share point online ramp up in 60 minutes for on-premises sharepoint professionals


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Office 365 and share point online ramp up in 60 minutes for on-premises sharepoint professionals

  1. 1. SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 2 Speaker Feedback: SPSCSM.COM
  2. 2. About Me Nik Patel • Principal Consultant, Slalom Consulting, Chicago • Working with SharePoint since 2006 • Current focus area SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Contact Info • Email – • Blog – Nik Patel’s SharePoint World - • Twitter - @nikxpatel • LinkedIn - • Slideshare - 3
  3. 3. Benefit #1 => Cost Savings
  4. 4. SharePoint Online - History SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010/2013/vNext
  5. 5. What it takes for IT to provision On-Premises SharePoint environment for business? 7 Identity - AD Domain and AD Users Hardware Procurement – Servers – Virtual vs Physical Network – VLANs, URLs, SSL Certs, IP Addresses, Ports, DNS, Load Balancers SQL Infrastructure Build Service Accounts – SQL and SharePoint Exchange, SMTP SharePoint Infrastructure Build – WFEs, Apps, Search Additional Services - Office Web Apps, Workflow Manager SharePoint Farm and Service Applications – Search, Managed Metadata, BCS, Apps SharePoint Web Applications Configuration – Content and My Site Hub SharePoint Site Collections Configuration – Intranet, Search, Content Type Hub, My Site Host
  6. 6. Request SharePoint Online and Office 365 Tenant Infrastructure in 5-10 Minutes Benefit #2 => Quick Ramp-up Time
  7. 7. IT Shifting to Cloud – IT as an enabler of innovation IT as a Service (ITaaS) Right People, Right Roles Showcase Experiences Early Product Adoption Becoming an Enablement Organization Investment Run State + Server Maintenance Engagement + Adoption
  8. 8. Benefit # 3 => IT’s focus on Business Productivity
  9. 9. Major Office 365 Components On-Premises MS Online Directory Sync Lync Online SharePoint Online Exchange Online ADFS Azure AD Authentication Platform AD Office Online OneDrive for Business Yammer
  10. 10. 13
  11. 11. Microsoft’s Global Infrastructure
  12. 12. Connecting Datacenters to Users Last mile and P2P Last mile providers deliver to consumers P2P technology improves last mile delivery Core: Data centers Global Fiber backbone that connects Data Centers Edge Nodes Connect Data Centers to Internet Exchange Points Metro solutions Connecting business customers to last mile providers
  13. 13. • Shared Mechanical & Electrical • Shared global fiber network & peering • Separate internal network • Separate hardware and storage • Separate encryption procedures • Separate compliance policies • Separate access control Office 365 Infrastructure Operates as separate datacenters within datacenters
  14. 14. 99.89% 99.90% 99.91% 99.92% 99.93% 99.94% 99.95% 99.96% 99.97% 99.98% 99.99% 100.00% 2012 - Q3 2012 - Q4 2013 - Q1 2013 - Q2 2013 - Q3 2013 - Q4 Office 365 Availability – All Services SLA Goal Actual SLA - Never miss a minute of productivity – 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed • Hitting target way above 99.9% since 2012-Q3
  15. 15. Nearest data center from which region you signup for tenant
  16. 16. Streamlined Management Services Shared Platform Services Organizational Productivity services User Productivity applications Office 365 is a set of cohesive services www
  17. 17. Office 365 services are loosely coupled • Separation of function with distributed functional components • Loose coupling further limits the scope and impact of most failures • Service component isolation to avoid failure cascades • Replication of directory data ensures a seamless experience. SPO EXO Microsoft Online ID Office 365 Portal Office 365 Provisioning Lync
  18. 18. Office 365 Authentication Model 23 • Internal employees with E1-E4 licenses or SharePoint Online Plan 1-Plan2 will login with ID format ( or through MSOnline identify provider service • External users (with Non-domain AD account) invited for collaboration will login using their LIVE ID account and login through Live ID user interface. Microsoft Online Services Forms Provider Live ID Claims Provider Office 365 Portal and SharePoint Online Internal User Employee & Portal Administrators External User Partners, Vendors, and Customers Windows Azure Active Directory
  19. 19. Core Identity Scenarios with Office 365 Cloud Identity Single identity in the cloud Directory Synchronization Single identity Federated Identity (SSO) Single federated identity
  20. 20. Office 365 and SharePoint Online Plans Licensing E4 E3 E1 SharePoint Online Plan 2 SharePoint Online Plan 1 Kiosk Yammer Enterprise Yammer Basic Yammer Pricing - Office 365 Plans -
  21. 21. Office Online (Office Web Apps) Licensing Office withSAcustomers now get Office Onlineedit rights in Office 365 Office Online in Office 365 Read Office Documents via Office Online Free Edit Office Documents via Office Online Requires an Office 365 SKU that includes Office Online (e.g. Enterprise E3) (or) Office Standard or Professional Plus with Software Assurance ** Office Online in Office 365 Read Office Documents via Office Online Free Edit Office Documents via Office Online Free ** Must also be licensed for the appropriate SharePoint Online plan in Office 365
  22. 22. • Web front end with query component • Application servers with: • Central Administration • Search administration component • Application services • SQL Server with: • Central Administration configuration and content databases • Content databases • Search administration database • Crawl database • Property database Typical SharePoint 3-Tiered Architecture
  23. 23. AD Sync Prov. SCOM ULS SPDiag WER DNS SMTP Admin Backup Scalability: SharePoint architecture at cloud scale Content: WFE App Server Crawl WFE CA Timer Jobs Sandbox Federated Services: Fed App Fed Query Fed CA Fed Idx SQL: SQL SQL SQL SQL AD AD Directory: Stamp 1: Content:Federated Services: SQL: WFE App Server Crawl WFE CA Timer Jobs Sandbox Fed App Fed Query Fed CA Fed Idx SQL SQL SQL SQL AD AD Directory: Stamp 2..N: Network 1..N: NLB NLB Datacenter 1..N: Content:Federated Services: SQL: WFE App Server Crawl WFE CA Timer Jobs Sandbox Fed App Fed Query Fed CA Fed Idx SQL SQL SQL SQL AD AD Directory: Stamp 1: Content:Federated Services: SQL: WFE App Server Crawl WFE CA Timer Jobs Sandbox Fed App Fed Query Fed CA Fed Idx SQL SQL SQL SQL AD AD Directory: Stamp 2..N: Network 1..N: AD Sync Prov. SCOM ULS SPDiag WER DNS SMTP Admin Backup NLB NLB Disaster Recovery Datacenter 1..N: Grid Manager Global Directory Tenant Admin (UI) Commerce backend DNS (multiple) OrgID Auth, Svc. Incident Management Azure (Windows/SQL) CDN Services Network 1 Datacenter 1
  24. 24. SharePoint Online URLs Basics ●URL Naming URL structure for SPO sites is based on base domain name/tenant name and it can’t be changed afterwards e.g. if your company name is yourdomain, URL would be – Vanity URLs are not supported for intranet zone sites or SPO private site collection. You can register domain and apply Vanity URLs to your SPO public web sites. e.g. ●Predefined Site Collections (Upon initial tenant provision) Intranet – Search - Content Type Hub – My Site Host - Public Facing Site – Administration Site – 31
  25. 25. SharePoint Online Boundaries, Quotas and Caps SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits Enterprise plans Kiosk plans Maximum tenant storage Unlimited Unlimited Base tenant storage (excluding personal storage) 10 GB + 500 MB per user 10 GB + 0 MB Per user Additional storage (per GB per month); no minimum purchase Unlimited Unlimited Site collection storage limit (per site collection) Up to 1 TB Up to 1 TB Number of Site collections per tenant (excluding personal sites) 10,000 10,000 Number of Sub sites per site collection Up to 2,000 Up to 2,000 OneDrive for Business (personal) storage 25 GB per user (Up to 1 TB) Not available Public Website storage default 5 GB 5 GB File upload limit 2 GB per file 2 GB per file Sync limits 20,000 items in the OneDrive, 5,000 items SharePoint Libraries 20,000 items in the OneDrive, 5,000 items SharePoint Libraries Maximum number of users per tenant Unlimited Unlimited Maximum number of unique external users per tenant 10,000 10,000 SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits – help/sharepoint-online-software-boundaries-and-limits-HA102694293.aspx
  26. 26. SharePoint Online Plan 1 and 2: Storage Calculation Formula 33 • Max storage allowed per tenant – Unlimited per tenant • Total Allocated Storage based per tenant (pooled) • Applies to all the Site Collections per tenant, does not apply to My Sites/User Personal sites • Storage per user: 500 MB per subscribed user, contributes to total storage base for tenant • Additional Storage per GB per month: $0.20 USD/GB/month • Personal site storage/OneDrive For Business - 25 GB per user as soon as provisioned, can increase up to 1 TB per user, default 25 GB storage quota does not add to or subtract the overall storage allocation for a tenant but any additional storage quota counts toward overall tenant storage base • Storage base per tenant: • 10 GB base customer storage + 500 MB per subscribed E1-E4 license/internal user + additional storage purchased + no additional storage for external user up to free 10,0000 users • e.g. an organization with 1000 internal users and 200 external users by default would have (1000×500) + (200×0) = 500,000 MB = 500 GB + 10 GB = 510 GB initial storage
  27. 27. Benefit # 4 => Massive Scale only in Cloud (200 GB On-Premises) Benefit # 5 => Start with 25 GB Storage Per My Site (500 MB On-Premises)
  28. 28. SharePoint Feature Tiering Area SP Online Plan 1 SP Online Plan 2 Apps App Catalog and Marketplace Collaboration Team Sites OneDrive for Business External Sharing Work Management (Project Site, My Tasks, Site Mailbox) Social (Newsfeed, Community Site) Content Management Content Management Records Management eDiscovery & compliance Search Standard Search (People & Expertise Search, Visual Previews, Visual Best Bets, OOTB Recommendations) Enterprise Search (Video Search, Custom Query Rules, Entity Extraction, Extensible Content Flow, Item Recommendations, CBS Web Part) Business Intelligence Excel Services, PowerPivot, Power View Business Solutions Workflow Access Services Business Connectivity Services*** Visio Services InfoPath Forms
  29. 29. Service Applications Partitioned for Each Tenant 36 • Access Services • App Management Service • Business Data Connectivity Service • Excel Service • Machine Translation Service • Managed Metadata Service • Search Service • Secure Store Service • User Profile Service, Tenant administrators can’t manage SharePoint User Profile Sync service in Office 365, it usually automatically syncs Office 365 accounts into SharePoint User Profiles • Visio Service • Work Management Service
  30. 30. SharePoint Online Platform Limitations, What’s not available 37 Tip: More Feature Info at, Do not trust, lots of misprinted information, use it as initial guidance • 99.9% Uptime SLA but No Performance SLA • No Geographically distributed tenants, tenant gets created only in first nearest data center from where tenant signed up • No Custom Web Applications and No Alternate Access Mappings • No Custom managed paths. Predefined two managed paths for private site collections – sites and teams. • No Quota Templates • No Object Cache, No Distributed Cache, No Remote Blob Storage, and No Request Management • Supports outgoing emails for Email Alerts & Workflow Notifications. Outgoing email and SMTP servers are pre-configured for each tenant and they can’t be managed by the Administrators. • No Email Enabled Lists and Libraries - Doesn’t support inbound emails for document libraries, discussion boards, calendars, and lists. • No Performance Point Service, Word Automation Service, and SQL Server Reporting Services in Integrated Mode
  31. 31. Recycle Bin Capabilities 38 • Items supported for recovery – Site Collections, Sites, Lists, Libraries, Folders, List Items, Documents, Web Part Pages • Site & Site Collection Recycle Bin capability works same as On-Premises for Lists, Libraries, Folder, List Items, Documents, and Web Part Pages Restore • Site Collection Recycle Bin capability works same as On-Premises Sites Restore from Site Collection Administration Section • New SharePoint Online Tenant specific capability – Tenant level Recycle Bin to restore Site Collection from SPO Admin Page
  32. 32. Office 365 and SharePoint OnlineAuthorization Model - Security Roles, Security Groups, and Site Membership ●Security Roles in Office 365 and SharePoint Online Office 365 Roles – Billing Administrator, Global Administrator, Password Administrator, Service Administrator, and User Management Administrator SharePoint Online Roles – SPO Service Administrator – No Specific Role for SPO Administration, Office 365 Global Administrator with SharePoint Online License Site Collection Level Roles – Site Collection Administrator Site Level Roles – Site Owners, Site Members, Site Visitors 39 ●Security Groups in Office 365 and SharePoint Online Office 365 Global Security Groups These groups created by global administrator By default all global administrators are added to “Company Administrator” group On premise AD groups can be mapped to the Global Security Groups when AD synchronization is configured. If you have many users and if they need to have permissions across more than one SharePoint Online Site Collection, this is preferred method. SharePoint Online Groups Same as On-Premises SharePoint
  33. 33. Prescriptive Guidance for SharePoint Online Administrative Management ●SharePoint Administrative System Account Always plan to create this account as Cloud ID, E.g. Allows you to access your tenant if On-Premises ADFS environment is unavailable ●SharePoint Administrators Group Always plan to create this group as Cloud Group e.g. “SharePoint Admins” Add SharePoint Administrative System Account (sp_admin) in “SharePoint Admins” group ●Configuring SharePoint Administrators Access By default, OOB site collections are configured with “Company Administrator” as Primary and Secondary Site Collection Admins. “Company Administrator” are anyone who has Office 365 Global Administrator role assigned. Always have “SP_admin” as Primary Site Collection Administrator and “SharePoint Admins” as Secondary Site Collection Administrators for all site collections. 40
  34. 34. Sample Design – SharePoint Online InformationArchitecture - Site Taxonomy 41
  35. 35. Sample Design - InformationArchitecture - Site Taxonomy Description ● Administrative Tier Staging UAT environment, developer sandboxes, content type hub and corporate taxonomies, and site templates will be defined and hosted in this tier. No Business users will have access to this tier except permissions are granted for UAT in staging environment ● Publishing Tier Intranet Portal Home Page, Corporate Department Team Sites, and Corporate Resource centers will be hosted in this tier. Shared Corporate only cross-department collaboration team sites (long-term sites) and project workspaces (short-term sites) are hosted in this tier IT will have full control over Corporate tier and content will be managed by corporate functions. No External user access are allowed in Corporate tier ● Collaboration Tier Business users will have full control over their tier including isolated security, branding, navigation, and external access. They can optionally adopt corporate branding and look & feel. Shared external facing cross-department collaboration team sites (long-term sites) and project workspaces (short-term sites) are hosted in this tier IT will manage and monitor the storage quota of collaboration workspaces. ● Personal Tier Personal My Sites, User Profiles, and Social Newsfeed are hosted in this environment. Only employee themselves will have full access to their personal my site By default, 25 GB storage quota will be allocated to personal my sites. IT will manage additional storage quota as per governance policies. External users can be invited by individual employees to collaborate on documents 42
  36. 36. Sample Design – SharePoint Online Security Model – Corporate Tier 43
  37. 37. Customizations and Software Development Life Cycle – Option 1 44 • Focus on Browser Customizations, No Code Solutions, and SharePoint Designer • No Full Trusted Farm Solutions allowed in SPO • No Developer Dashboard • Sandbox Solutions without code are allowed in SPO • Invest in CSOM and REST APIs • Invest in CAM and Apps Model • Only SharePoint Hosted and Provided Hosted Apps • Azure Hosted Apps discontinued after June 30th 2014
  38. 38. Customizations and Software Development Life Cycle – Option 2 45 • Focus on Browser Customizations, No Code Solutions, and SharePoint Designer • No Full Trusted Farm Solutions allowed in SPO • No Developer Dashboard • Sandbox Solutions without code are allowed in SPO • Invest in CSOM and REST APIs • Invest in CAM and Apps Model • Only SharePoint Hosted and Provided Hosted Apps • Azure Hosted Apps discontinued after June 30th 2014
  39. 39. SharePoint vNext You can check at SharePoint 2007 (v12) SharePoint 2010 (v14) SharePoint 2013 (v15) SharePoint Online (v16)
  40. 40. 48 #SPC14 Announcement SharePoint vNext On-Premises will come in 2015 and it will support full trust code… … but Cloud comes first!!!! Cloud is the key Jeff Teper, Corporate VP, Office Division Jared Spataro, General Manager, Office Division Cloud is on fire
  41. 41. Azure AD Password Sync. Office Web Apps real-time co-authoring The New Office Improved Sharing Emails Office 365 Adapter Embedded Images PDFs in Word Web Apps Updated Lync mobile clients OneNote for iPhone and Android phones Q&A manager Power Map for Excel Directory Sync Max Objects Auto Increase Windows Azure Active Authentication DirSync Scoping and Filtering Exchange Online Inactive Mailboxes PDF support for SharePoint Online Lync Online Integrated Reporting Office Web Apps Update Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool-update Admin Add Retention policy and tag management Office 365 SSO with SAML 2.0 Identity Providers Exchange Online Address Book Policies Excel Web App update SharePoint Newsfeed App for Windows 8 Lync meeting scheduling from OWA Exchange Online Archiving add-on Rights Management Services OneNote for iPad Aresponsive service, more frequent update, vNext SharePoint Online (Approx. 75 new features from Oct 2012 to March 2014) SharePoint Online Platform Improvements IM mute EXO: 50 GB Mailboxes Exchange group naming policy Directory Sync Max Objects Auto Increase Office on the Web Yammer basic integration Encrypted Data Project codename “GeoFlow” preview for Excel Directory Sync Max Objects Auto Increase Office 365 Admin Mobile App SkyDrive Pro Sync for Windows Lync Online Remote PowerShell Lync mobile clients Office Mobile for iPhone & Android phones Go Daddy Integration OWA for iPhone & OWA for iPad Lync and SharePoint Service Reporting Connecting Skype & Lync SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 & iOS Message Center Shared with Me 50 GB mailbox Office 365 Switch Plans SkyDrive Pro Storage increase Lync Online Q&A manager
  42. 42. OneDrive for Business - The Journey so far… SkyDrive Pro Launched Purchasable storage (1TB) ‘Shared with me’ View OneDrive for Business for iOS Simple Controls OneDrive for Business Rebranded Increased storage limits (25GB) Automatic Versioning Office Mobile on Android & iPhones Improved Search Increased file sizes (2GB)
  43. 43. Secure online storage for employees
  44. 44. OneDrive for Business Enhancements
  45. 45. 53 Current Yammer Roadmap
  46. 46. 54 New Yammer Experiences - Inline Social Extends social collaboration to Office 365, Dynamics, and other apps, services, and line-of-business systems. Enables you to participate in social conversations from the tools of your choice
  47. 47. 55 Office 365 Groups - Unified Social Experiences Unifies People, Profiles, Conversations, Emails, Calendars, and Files across Office 365 and beyond. Provides you with a rich and seamless collaboration experience across applications
  48. 48. 56
  49. 49. 57 Office 365 Video Portal Out of Box, 1 Per Tenant, Just start using it
  50. 50. 58 Oslo and Office Graph Personalized Experience Proactive Insights Oslo and Office Graph are best innovations Microsoft has done since SharePoint - Jeff Teper
  51. 51. 59
  52. 52. 60
  53. 53. 61 Oslo and Office Graph
  54. 54. 63
  55. 55. 64 Help Shape Future of Forms – Provide Feedback
  56. 56. 65 Developer Updates – Focus on Office 365 Development Story • App Model is future • Contextual Apps - Continued Investments on App Model Innovation • New Office 365 APIs - Allows websites and native applications to consume O365 data – REST APIs for files, people, lists, mail, tasks, and calendars • Toolset – Visual Studio Cloud Business Apps, Access, Windows Azure • New Open Source Android SDK for Office 365 - No update on iOS SDK • SharePoint Online Workflow Apps
  57. 57. 66 Have feedback for Office Developer Platform?
  58. 58. 67 Developer Resources • New Office Web Widgets - People picker and list view, many more coming, Nuget Package • New Office 365 APIs Tools for Visual Studio on Visual Studio Tools Gallery • New Android SDK for Office 365 on GitHub • March 2014 Update of Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 – New Cloud Business Apps hosted in Windows Azure, download from here • Office App Model Samples on CodePlex (, dev samples with real-life cloud development scenarios Resources: • The Office 365 platform - New opportunities for developers • New Office REST APIs and Developer Tools for Visual Studio Update • SharePoint Online Client Components SDK • SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution pack for branding and site provisioning
  59. 59. Benefit # 6 => Continuous Innovation Latest and Greatest in Cloud
  60. 60. Introducing New Office 365 Change Management Cycle - First Release 69
  61. 61. Enhanced New Office 365 Change Management Cycle - NDAPreview and Public Roadmap 70
  62. 62. Benefit # 7 => No More Tricky Upgrade projects
  63. 63. Upgrade SharePoint On-Premises to: SharePoint 2013 SP1
  64. 64. Enables Cloud Integration, today
  65. 65. OneDrive for Business in Cloud, today Enables 1 TB Personal Storage in My Sites (25 GB by default) Enables Hybrid My Sites (Audience Based)
  66. 66. Build a responsive organization, today • No more investments in SharePoint Social Features • Replace SharePoint Newsfeed with Yammer
  67. 67. Search across environments – Query Federation
  68. 68. Make the inventory of current feature set and decide which workloads can be moved to cloud Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 SP1 Great candidates for Cloud • Personal Sites – Move partial/full set of employees to OneDrive for Business • Social – Disable SharePoint Social and use Yammer for Enterprise Social • Collaboration Team and Project Sites which doesn’t require compliance and complex reporting • Shared Drive – Do you have Shared Drives? Move it to the cloud – 1 TB Site Collections • Search – Configure Inbound/Outbound/Both Hybrid Search 78 Prescriptive Guidance to adopt Cloud – Hybrid Model
  69. 69.      
  70. 70. Master of all blogs – Office Blog 81
  71. 71. Office 365 Community – Blogs, Forums, Wikis 82
  72. 72. FastTrack – Office 365 Adoption Resource 83
  73. 73. Discover SharePoint – Office 365 Training Resource 84
  74. 74. Office 365 Ignite Training 85
  75. 75. Microsoft Office Contoso Demos – Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 VMs 86
  76. 76. 87 Join Office 365 IT Pro Yammer Network
  77. 77. 88 IntroducingApp Model Samples
  78. 78. SharePoint Online Service Description
  79. 79. SharePoint Online: Software boundaries and limits us/office365-sharepoint-online- enterprise-help/sharepoint-online- software-boundaries-and-limits- HA102694293.aspx
  80. 80. SharePoint Online Hybrid Configuration
  81. 81. SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 93 Speaker Feedback: SPSCSM.COM
  82. 82. © 2012 Slalom, LLC. All rights reserved. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Slalom, LLC. as of the date of this presentation. SLALOM MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.