Things fall apart


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Things fall apart

  1. 1. Things Fall Apart Character Chart Prepared by: Patel Kavita
  2. 2. Obierika -Unoka - father close friend Okonkwo Ekwefi - clan Nwoye -second wife leader in oldest son Umuofia Obiageli - The Ojiugo - third daughter of and youngest Okonkwo’s first wife wife
  3. 3. second wife, Ekwefi Ikemefuna - Nkechi – A gift from the Daughter of Ojiugo neighboring village. Okonkwo clan leader in Umuofia Uchendu - Ezinma - The only Okonkwo’s child of Okonkwo’s maternal Uncle second wife, Ekwefi
  4. 4. Mr. Brown -The first white missionary to travel toUmuofia Reverend James Smith - The missionary who replaces Mr. Brown. The District Commissioner - An authority figure in the white colonial government in Nigeria.
  5. 5. Enoch - A fanatical convert to the Christian church in Umuofia. Ogbuefi Ezeudu - The oldest man in the village and one of the most important clan elders Enoch - A and leaders. fanatical convert to the Christian Chielo - church in A priestess in Umuofia. Umuofia who is dedicated to the Oracle of the goddess Agbala
  6. 6. Akunna -A clan leader of Umuofia. Nwakibie - A wealthy clansmen Mr. Kiaga - The native-turned-Christian missionary
  7. 7. Okagbue Uyanwa -A famous medicine man Maduka - Obierika’s son. Maduka wins a wrestling contest in his mid-teens
  8. 8. Thank You