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Chirantan (or)


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Chirantan (or)

  1. 1. A) Lower(): -:Returns Character with all letters in O/P-: Lowercase. Syn-:Lower(char) Ex-:Select Lower(‘ORACLE’) “Lower case” from dual; oracle
  2. 2. B) Upper(): -:Return Character with all letters in upper case Syn-: Upper(case) EX-:select Upper(‘oracle’)”Upper case” from Dual; O/P-: ORACLE
  3. 3. C) Initcap(): -:Return char with the first letter of each word in uppercase,all other letters in uppercase. Syn-: Initcap(char) Ex-:select Initcap(‘oracle’)”capital” from Dual; O/p-: Oracle
  4. 4. D) Substr(): -: Return the mid character Syn-: Substr(<string>,<start-position>,<length>) EX-: select Substr(‘substring’,3,4)”Substring” from Dual; O/P-: bstr
  5. 5. E) Instr(): -:Returns the location of a substring in a string. Syn-:Instr(char1,char2[,n[,m]]) EX-:select Instr(‘corporate Floor’,’or’,3,2) from Dual; O/P-: 14
  6. 6. f) Lpad(): Syn-:Lpad(char1,n,[,char2]) Syn-: select Lpad(‘Atmiya’,10,’*’)”LPAD” from Dual; ****AtmiyaO/P-:
  7. 7. G) Rpad(): Syn-: Rpad(char1,n[,char2]) EX-:select Rpad(‘Atmiya’,10,’*’)”RPAD” from Dual; O/P-: Atmiya****
  8. 8. H) Vsize(): -:Return the number of bytes in internal represention EX-:Select Vsize(‘Welcome to Atmiya)”Size” from Dual; O/P-: 17 of an expression.
  9. 9. I) Translate(): -:Replaces a sequence of character in a string with other set of character. Syn-:Translate(<string1>,<start_to_replace>, EX-:select Translate(‘Atmiya12’,’12’,’ta’) “Translate O/P-: Atmiyata <replacement_string>) change”from Dual;
  10. 10. J) Length(): -:Return the length of a word. Syn-:Length(word) EX-:select length(‘Sarvanaman’)”Length of Word”from Dual; O/P-: 10
  11. 11. K) Ltrim(): -:Remove the charcter from the left side of char. Syn-:Ltrim(char[,set]) Ex-:select ltrim(‘Atmiya’,’A’)”Ltrim” from Dual; O/P-: tmiya
  12. 12. L) Rtrim(): -:Remove the character from the right side of char. Syn-:Rtrim(char[,set]) Ex-:select Rtrim(‘Atmiya’,’a’)”Rtrim” from Dual; O/P-: Atmiy
  13. 13. Thank You Jay Swaminarayan