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"Gamification of Health" by Chirag Patel (Chicago Health 2.0)


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This talk covers how gamification is affecting PHRs (Google Health), public health (nudging), consumer driven health (Me You Health, GreenGoose, HealthMonth), and most importantly employee wellness programs (ShapeUp, Keas)

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"Gamification of Health" by Chirag Patel (Chicago Health 2.0)

  1. 1. The Gamification of Health Chirag Patel @patelc75 Co-founder, Chicago Health 2.0 @CHIHealthTech Co-founder, Halo Monitoring @Halo_Monitoring Oct 26,  2011
  2. 2. What is "Gamification"?
  3. 4. How do  Health apps engage and even  motivate  ?
  4. 5. Delivering bad or boring news doesn't work
  5. 6. Nudging with  irrelevant or anonymous data  doesn't work 
  6. 7. The problem is changing  inagrained BEHAVIOR
  7. 8. A start: wellness and fitness
  8. 9. Status is the missing piece S tatus  A ccess  P ower  S tuff
  9. 10. Game Mechanic: "dot" behavior
  10. 11.   meets Game Mechanic: flying dragon
  11. 12. Negative    (annoying) Why aren't you wearing your device? Take 20 more steps today and you will be in 1st place Positive (encouraging) Game Mechanic: "actionable baby step trigger"
  12. 13. The gamification "layer"
  13. 14. I love @healthmonth. I am a happier, healthier person because of it."
  14. 16. of Health? the Is
  15. 17. Maybe not. They've  already pivoted
  16. 18. Is the Employer paving the way!?
  17. 19. Where's Google Health now?
  18. 20. Why does "Gamification" work?
  19. 21. Gamification: More than just fun
  21. 25. Trigger