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Cuba Baseball


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Dave Makichuk takes a look at the passion and sheer joy Cubans have for the game of baseball.

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Cuba Baseball

  1. 1. Section F MARITIMES BY MOTORCOACH inside BEACH RETREATS Romance blossoms amid CAVES, PLANES & BOATS Out-of-the-ordinary options 9DOHW 6HUYLFH Today: Several Tours to Choose From NAGEL TOURS sun, sea and sand settings for your next vacation 3D RQO Call your Travel Agent or 403-717-9999 or 1-800-562-9999 See Page F4 See Page F9 $47.96/ Week! Travel • 34 years of service ZZZSDUNJRFD CALCH019189_1_1 CALCH021626_1_1 L at e s t n e w s at c a lg a r y h e r a l d . c o m / t r av e l Editor: Lisa Monforton 403-235-7428 Saturday, April 2, 2011 Travel Notes I love Cuba. Goddamn, they play baseball for all the right reasons: ’Cause they like it. They don’t play it because they can make some more money and sell some World more satellite dishes. They play it for all the right reasons. of wonders Bill (Spaceman) LeeFINALISTS • Jeju, the largestisland off the south coast ofKorea’s mainland, is in therunning to become one of theNew 7 Wonders of Nature. Jeju is the only locationworldwide to gain threeUNESCO world heritagecertifications: the BiosphereReserve in 2002, UNESCOWorld Heritage Site in 2007and Global Geoparks in 2010.The island’s central featureis Halla mountain, a dormantvolcano, which rises 1,950metres above sea level. Jeju is one of 28 New 7Wonders of Nature finalists.You can see the entire list —which includes Canada’s Bayof Fundy — with images andvideos and enter your sevenvotes at Original image courtesy Dave Makichuk The Industriales Lions host a Cuban Baseball League game at Estadio Latinoamericano, in Havana.Ladies only tour to IndiaCULTURE • If your idea ofa good time is travellingwith women only, China-pac International has justthe vacation for you: a new19-Day Ladies Only IndiaTour departing next Feb. 6. While the itinerary includesvisits to famous sites like theTaj Mahal, it also promises aglimpse into India’s cultural,historical and architecturaldiversity. You’ll visit 11 Indiantowns and have such experi-ences as elephant and camelrides, along with sari tying,cooking demonstrationsand learning how textile iswoven. The land package com-mences in Delhi and ispriced from $4,099. Chi- Passion and sheer joy made one The crowd erupts — it’s complete and utter pande- fierceness of competition and the undying loyalty ofnapac International ( can also visitor ‘fanatico’ for the game monium in the stands as the runners round the bases. A the fans, not to mention the unparalleled experience itarrange your airfares. Dave Makichuk swaying cheerleaders as deft pickup in the outfield is offers visitors to Cuba. Three new Calgary Herald HAVANA the Lions’ big hitter, Alex Malleta, slowly strolls up to followed by a precise throw to second, which is relayed Unlike the majority of Canadians who fly south guidebooks home plate. home . . . safe! in winter — most of whom I t’s a typically warm The visiting Ciego de Instantly, I’m surrounded head straight to the nearestON THE SHELF • Let’s and sunny afternoon in Avila Tigers are in deep by a sea of joyous, bouncing beach, all-inclusive buffetGo Europe 2011 (Let’s Go, Havana and a gorgeous, trouble; it’s early innings conga-driven “fanaticos” as or bottomless pina colada$21.95, 1,220 pages) — blue cloudless sky serves as and Los Azules (the Blue the entire Lions squad leaps — I came to experience aThe student-travel bible an appropriate backdrop at Ones), so named for their from the dugout to form week of “beisbol.”has spruced itself up with the nearly packed Estadio Blue Jay-like blue and white a line of high-fives for the To say that Cuban base-a more-readable design, Latinoamericano, home uniforms, have put two run- scoring runner. ball has left me — a triedrewritten every listing and to the famed Industriales ners on base with only one Welcome to baseball and true MLB Detroit Ti-added photos. Entries have Lions. out. The Lions are about to Cubano-style! gers fan since 1967 — com-youthful attitude and direct The 55,000-seat stadium close in for the kill, and the One only has to watch pletely and utterly spoiledthe backpacking crowd to is visibly rocking to the crowd senses it. one game in the Cuban for all time, is an under-cheap, filling food, nightlife hypnotic, pulsating rhythms It’s a gutsy throw — a fast- National League to gain statement.and affordable rooms. of a tireless group of conga ball right down the middle. an appreciation for the re-■ Guided by a Stone-Mason: drummers and young, salsa- Crack! A line drive to right. markable calibre of play, the See BEISBOL, Page F2Exploring the Cathedrals,Abbeys and Churches ofBritain by Thomas Maude(Tauris Parke, $17, 176pages) — How in the worlddid workmen using simpletools create the wondrous Concierge dishes on how to get your wishsanctuaries of the U.K.? This Ross Werland gating this rusty old world in ■ Hotels track your com- good service from some-paperback will tell you. McClatchy Newspapers more princely fashion: plaints. If you are a nice body who’s afraid of you.”■ All Aboard: The Complete ■ No reservation at the guest, that will go on your ■ When trolling for celebri-North American Train Travel In the fun book Concierge restaurant? No problem. record. You may be re- ties at restaurants, sit upGuide by Jim Loomis (http:// Confidential, superstar Check in with the host, be warded even at other hotels. front, not in the back. Intakeatrainride.blogspot. Manhattan concierge Mi- engaging and acknowledge And if you’re a jerk, you may front, you’ll see the “wholecom) — Not only will the chael Fazio explains how to that you’re an idiot. Say, be rewarded for that too. parade.”third edition of this useful pry what you want out of the “Look, I know I’m a loser. I ■ If you have a reason to ■ In selecting a serviceguide (Chicago Review Press, service world. He provides didn’t make a reservation. send food back, be very gra- person, do you want to see$18.95, 354 pages) help you some intriguing insight into I’m in your hands.” Fazio cious no matter how you a cute face or get help? “Iplan a trip, but it also will tell the inner human brat that swears by it. feel. You might be surprised always look for the oldest,you such fascinating tidbits service people often face. ■ Waiters have more clout at how well you’ll be treated. least glamorous person.” Concierge Confidential isas why a train that’s late can For that, you’ll have to buy than you know and can re- ■ “Don’t make plans when Above all, treat service filled with great tips onstill be considered on time. the book. But here are a ward good customers. Tip you’re drunk. 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