Offer a trustworthy environment on your web site


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Offer a trustworthy environment on your web site

  1. 1. Secure Internet transactions Offer your customers a trustworthy environment and boost your sales!• 93% of all In today’s world, where rumors spread across the planetWeb users within seconds via social networks, where maintainingprefer to shopon sites that data confidentiality is increasingly complex, and wheredisplay the cybercriminality has no borders or limits, certificates aregreen bar. the only means of preserving your brand image and pro- tecting your partner and customer data. They bring true added value by increasing customer conversion rates.• 97% of all Six good reasons to installWeb usersare more an SSL certificate:inclined to 1. Establish trust-based relationshipsshare credit with your customers and partners.card informa-tion on sites 2. Win new customers and prospectsthat display who only trust secured sites.the green bar. 3. Strengthen your company’s image and credibility. 4. Meet requirements imposed by online payment organizations. 5. Secure access to your company servers. 6. Authenticate and certify the integrity of what you produce and disseminate.
  2. 2. The SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) Establish your credibilitycertificate is like in a connected worlda piece of ID. Price is a decisive argument in any purchase, but on the Web, it’s not enough!It is a vital aspect of the Faced with the rise of cybercriminality, it is essentialauthentication phases to provide a secure environment for your customers.(so that passwords donot circulate in plain Now is the time to opt for SSL certificates!text) and paymentphases (so that bankaccount and credit carddetails do not circulateunencrypted).Certificates are issued Develop your competitive advantageto websites by organi-zations called Online retailers are not the only ones who needCertificate Authorities certificates.after control procedureswhose complexity Whether a company wants to protect access to its extra- net, messaging system or FTP server, it has everythingvaries depending on the to gain by implementing SSL connections.type of the certificaterequested. The SSL certificate will create a trustworthy climate and strengthen your site’s credibility. It can even turn into aThere are several competitive advantage, as customers are more inclinedcertificate categories, to shop on sites whose owner can be verified and thatsome of which offer effectively protect their sensitive data.little benefit whileothers create a trueclimate of trust.This second categoryfulfills a double role byidentifying your com-pany and its website,and encrypting the dataexchanged between thesite and its visitors.
  3. 3. Overview Choosing the right level of security Several certificate categories are available to meet aChoose from: variety of needs:• SSL EV by Keynectisto effectively protect Domain Validation (DV): this certificate offers little bene-your online webstore fit because it merely verifies your website informationand establish trust-basedrelationships. using WHOIS; cybercriminals can easily obtain these certificates and use them in their scams.• SSL OV by Keynectis Organization Validation (OV): this certificate guaranteesto certify your domain the truthfulness of company information, which is veri-name and guarantee yourcompany’s existence. fied prior to certificate issuance by means of a company registration certificate or other official document. It does not, however, guarantee company ownership of• SSL DV by Keynectis the certify and encryptyour company’s intranetconnection. Extended Validation (EV): this is the only certificate that enables you to establish a veritable trust-based rela- tionship with your customers, because company iden-• K.Sign for PDF tity, website ownership and so forth are sign your PDFdocuments and certify The Certificate Authority also checks whether the sitethat the originals have has been blacklisted and contacts company senior exe-not been modified. cutives to verify their existence. When an EV certificate is used, the color of the browser address bar automati- cally turns to green. Installing your certificate It is extremely simple to install a certificate on your server.How much does it cost? First you must gather all the information required to obtain a certificate, based on the category you have chosen.Certificate prices vary de- Warning: this data must be verifiable.pending on their category, Select the desired encryption key size and generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file containing all of this infor-ranging from €100 to €600 mation, using the special menu provided or the commandon average. lines on your web server. If your site is hosted by a third party, ask them to do this for you.They are issued for a Next, submit the CSR file to a Certificate Authority (CA)limited duration, renewable such as Keynectis, which will verify the authenticity of yourupon certificate expiration. data using audited procedures. Once the data has been verified, your CA sends you a “.cert” file. Simply install this file on your server.
  4. 4. Keynectis, a partner to secure your digital identities and transactions Keynectis has specialized in protecting identities, data and human communications in a connected world for over 12 years. It is also a world-renowned Certi cate Authority. Keynectis o ers a wide range of certi cates, products and services covering the full spectrum of infrastructure and trust-based application needs. Keynectis also has experts and solutions tailored to meet your speci c requirements. As a responsible corporation, Keynectis is aware of the role it plays in Internet security, and continually strives to build awareness among businesses and the general public, as illustrated by its latest guide on certi cates, intended for the general public. Feel free to download this guide and post it on your website in order to increase awa- reness about your added value while also combating fraudulent sites, which can harm your image and your market.Choosing Keynectis means . . .• The highest quality in terms of security (for instance, we use only 2048-bit encryption keys)• Personalized support in the language of your choice• 24-7 support, regardless of the problem encountered 1• The assurance of having certificates in line with the latest French regulatory standards• The guarantee that your certificates will be recognized by all currently used browsers, including 2 mobile devices (1) As an international Certificate Authority, Keynectis stores its customers’ data in France according to procedures approved by the French government (decree by the French Prime Minister). Should any problems arise, French law will be applicable. (2) Keynectis has signed agreements with all major vendors so that your certificate will be recognized by the stationary or mobile browsers used by your customers. To find out more about our products and services, visit: Patrick Duboys - Product Marketing Manager - Phone: +33 (0)1 55 64 22 35 - Protecteur d’identité Protecteur de liberté dans un monde connecté