Corpora Consulting Business Review


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A fast, efficient and effective method for the review pressing business issues and advice for actionable recommendations.

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Corpora Consulting Business Review

  1. 1. Corpora Consulting Business Review
  2. 2. What Is A Corpora Consulting Business Review?The Corpora Consulting Business Review isa fast, efficient and effective opportunity tohave a objective, informed and highlyexperienced direct response expert reviewyour company’s pressing business issuesand offer actionable recommendations toresolve those issues
  3. 3. How The Corpora Consulting Business Review Works• Together we’ll discuss and define the business issues that need review and resolution• We’ll then determine and agree on the specific deliverables that will make the review a success• Working with staff, I’ll gather the needed information and data• I’ll produce a detailed document of observations and recommendations on the business issues• I’ll present a priority set of actionable recommendations that will make an positive impact on the business
  4. 4. Why Business Reviews Are My Strength• I have an objective personality – the ability to work with and through others to achieve results• My strongest aptitude is inductive reasoning – a problem solving ability to quickly see common elements of why something isn’t working and providing solutions• I’m skilled at analytical reasoning – the ability to organize and arrange ideas into logical sequences for the implementation of business solutions
  5. 5. Time and Cost of a Business Review• Depending on the scope and complexity of the business issues, reviews have run from 2 days to 10 days of work• Depending on the time commitment, I’ll provide a fixed cost estimate for the final deliverable of actionable recommendations
  6. 6. What Clients Are SayingAbout Corpora Consulting Business Reviews
  7. 7. Boardroom, Inc. (Marjory Abrams, President)“Pat worked for us on several consulting projects in diverseareas of our business. His ability to get into the guts ofeach area and develop a deep understanding of eachdepartment and its players helped us enormously in settingnew initiatives in our business. He is honest without beingoffputting...has incredible integrity...very responsive whenyou need a fast opinion...and is able to apply his wealth ofexperience to many different situations. I would mostcertainly hire him again, and recommend him so highly toanyone else seeking thoughtful, to-the-point, actionableadvice and strategies on running his/her business smarter.”
  8. 8. Benchmark Brands, Inc. (Alan Beychok, CEO)“Pat, as a former CEO, has been extraordinarily valuable tome in a consulting role, providing a sounding board forexecutive decisions in strategy, talent management, andmarketing. Pat has a very strong knowledge of the directmarketing space and knows how to implement directmarketing to push a business ahead. Pat has worked veryclosely with my team, and establishes trust and rapporteasily. In his consulting with us; he has been very resultsoriented and focused on making sure an excellent workproduct occurs, both on time and on budget. Alan BeychokCEO, Benchmark Brands, Inc. (FootSmart)”
  9. 9. Thompson Publishing Group (Bob Mate, CEO)“I was introduced to Pat by a former colleague.Almost immediately I recognized that Pat would bea great asset to our organization. He quicklygrasped the issues. He then developed a plan ofaction to tackle the key issues we discussed. Hisrecommendations and ultimate recommendationshave proven to be of high value to our organization.Perhaps, most importantly we can track realrevenue to Pats initiatives.”
  10. 10. C&H Clubs USA, Inc. (Kris Calef, Founder / CEO)“Pat came highly recommended to me as one thathad a great breadth of experience in directresponse marketing and he certainly delivered allthat was promised. I found him very knowledgeableon the subject, well connected in theindustry, responsive, and insightful. His marketingexperience is not limited solely to direct responseand I feel confident in recommending him as onethat would be more than qualified to review andsuggest changes to any companys strategicmarketing plan.”
  11. 11. Brainstorms, Inc (Jim Punkre, Founder and CEO) “Hiring Pat Corpora has been the best businessinvestment Ive made so far. I know Pat from the dayswhen he single-handedly turned Rodales BookDivision into a major multi-million dollar operation andwas Direct Marketer of the Year. As a consultant, hehas guided my new business venture through difficultchallenges and is steering us to rapid profitability. Iftheres a better direct response marketer in the world, Icertainly dont about him/her."
  12. 12. Atlantic Coast Media Group (Thomas Shipley, Co-Founder / Co-CEO)“Pat is one of the top direct marketing professionals inthe industry. He understands the direct response andcontinuity model better than almost anyone.Pat performed an assessment of our current marketingoperations and was able to quickly develop a road mapfor significantly improved profitability. We will continueto rely on and utilize Pat in building our business to thenext level."
  13. 13. National Geographic Society (Heidi Vincent, VP Marketing)“I was well aware of Pats reputation as an exceptionaldirect marketer before he was recommended to me as aconsultant in late 2008. And after working with him for just ashort time, I had a better understanding of how he hadearned that reputation. Pat gained a strong understandingof the leverage points of my business in a very short time.He was able to focus on our priority issues and recommendactionable solutions. His direct marketing knowledge isinvaluable, and I highly recommend him to any directmarketers looking for a strategic, focused and experiencedpartner.”
  14. 14. Boardroom, Inc. (Brian Krutz, EVP, Marketing)“Pats rich and diversified career makes himmaybe the most qualified person we haveever hired from the outside to help with ourmarketing efforts. He understands fully all ofthe principles of direct marketing with an eyeon increasing profits every step of the way.We are privileged to have him on our team.”
  15. 15. Contact Me For A Business Review Corpora Consulting Direct Response Strategy & Implementation 42 West Market Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018 215-313-9229