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ShRUG 5 - Scottish Ruby Conf edition


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Slides for our Sheffield Ruby User Group meeting where we discussed Scottish Ruby Conference 2010

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ShRUG 5 - Scottish Ruby Conf edition

  1. 1. ShRUG 5 April 2010 Scottish Ruby Conf Edition Slides prepared by Ashley Moran PatchSpace Ltd @shruggers
  2. 2. Plan of Action Planned talks James Almond: Rocket-Fuelled Cucumbers Ashley Moran: Pure RSpec Session Rundown - random comments Quick retrospective Pub
  3. 3. Rocket Fuelled Cucumbers Jospeph Wilk @josephwilk Songkick
  4. 4. Pure RSpec Jon "Lark" Larkowski @L4rk Hashrocket
  5. 5. Sessions: Friday QM Theatre Great Hall Library Registration, coffee, and shortbread Introduction and Keynote by Jim Weirich Break Denormalizing Your Rails Stonepath: State-Based Rocket Fuelled Cucumbers Application Workflows in Ruby I Think I Finally Understand Fun with Ruby and Cocoa on The Joy of Painting with Mocks OSX systems Ruby Getting the most out of Teaching programming using Pure RSpec ActiveRecord 3 with Arel Ruby Lunch The next step in Web Dev IronRuby: The Ruby & .NET From Artist to Programmer with Document Databases Love Child Break Arduino and Ruby mixed in Rack Middleware Goodies Breaking things with Ruby with a little shoes Distributed Architectures UNIX: Rediscovering the From 'mate .' to 'rake release' with Rack wheel
  6. 6. Sessions: Saturday QM Theatre Great Hall Library Coffee and shortbread Welcome back and Keynote by Tim Bray Break Oh S***: How to bring a big RTW (Real Time Web): WTF Vim for the modern Rubyist Rails website down (What's That For)? MacRuby for Ruby Write Bad Code A rumble in the jungle? Developers 10 most common Errors in Notitia linguarum - JavaScript for Rubyists Rails apps Multinational Ruby Lunch Dependent Types: A Look At 12 hours to rate a Rails Gittin Down to the Plumbing The Other Side application Genetic Algorithms with Just another Jar File? Using You're Doing it Wrong Ruby JRuby in your Java projects. Break Tales of the Resistance; A Dialog on the Ruby Insurgency
  7. 7. Retrospective Good Bad What would be cool in future?
  8. 8. Pub Should we go to The Tap, or The Tap?
  9. 9. Done Thanks for coming!