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Personal Kanban (lightning talk)


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These are the slides to a lightning talk on I gave at the PHPNW meetup on 6 Aug 2013. It's an incomplete, slightly skewed look at how I apply Personal Kanban myself. - Ash

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Personal Kanban (lightning talk)

  1. 1. Personal Kanban escape the tyranny of todo lists Ash Moran PatchSpace Ltd @patchspace
  2. 2. Personal Kanban WAT Why How
  3. 3. WAT
  4. 4. The best way to redecorate your house
  5. 5. Metaphor of flow Oh noes! Out of turnips. Need to buy Visit Shopping for Submit card details Order placed Receive dispatch email In transit Yay turnips arrive! Collected
  6. 6. Visualisation of activity To-do list kanban board
  7. 7. Control system PROBLEM DETECTED!
  8. 8. WHY
  9. 9. Pull is less stressful than push feeling of flow / pull feeling of scheduling / push
  10. 10. Physics ideal hidden work ideal gas expands to fill available space expands to fill your entire soul
  11. 11. You can’t manage what you can’t see has not yet hit tree has not yet seen tree
  12. 12. HOW
  13. 13. Understand your flow
  14. 14. Make it big and obvious TV for scale ideas (options!) commitments this week is busy only 3 things on waiting on bloody accountant finished nothing this week! PHPNW!
  15. 15. Improve pause reflect, review do less
  16. 16. Learn more Personal Kanban by Jim Benson - @ourfounder Tonianne DeMaria Barry - @sprezzatura