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Social Media To The Rescue - Civil Protection Risk Awareness Workshop


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Set on day 2 of a two-day workshop in Cyprus organized by EuroMed PPRD South II, aimed at delivering added-value and hands-on knowledge to select countries of the Mediterranean basin, my contribution was intended to bring the fine members of the individual civil protection societies up to speed with the latest trends and best practices for effectively managing their chosen social media channels.

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Social Media To The Rescue - Civil Protection Risk Awareness Workshop

  1. 1. Social Media To The Rescue by Patrick Chemali –Digital Media Expert Risk Awareness WorkshopLimassol (Cyprus) 30 September -1st October 2014
  2. 2. Outline Choosing Your Social Media Channel Connecting To Your Audience Dos & Don’ts Example1: Donner Sang Compter Example2: I am Alive
  3. 3. Choosing Your Social Media Channel
  4. 4. Choosing Your Social Media Channel And a couple of others as well
  5. 5. Choosing Your Social Media Channel Facebook •Largest Audience Base •Build Groups & Communities •Disseminate Knowledge •Variety of formats for content •Young adults to middle aged audience Instagram •Target youngsters and teens •Speak their language through visual content •Follow trends through hashtags •Fast dissemination YouTube •Provide information through video demos and tutorials •Very explicit and illustrative methodologies •Potential for viral reach •Wide audience Twitter •Fast paced communication •Straight to the point for quick and efficient communication •Follow trends through hashtags •Reach early adopters of technology, activists & young people
  6. 6. Choosing Your Social Media Channel Proactive(Prior to Crisis) Reactive(Mid-Crisis)
  7. 7. Connecting To Your Audience
  8. 8. Connecting To Your Audience POST& LISTEN Create Informational Content Share Information From Other Sources Invite your fans & followers to generate content themselves Make your content Viral (consider using humor when appropriate)
  9. 9. Connecting To Your Audience: Generating Content •Emergency Guides •Infographics in your local language •Locally Generated Statistics Create Informational Content •International news that impact your audience •Latest studies •Emergency broadcasts from other entities Share Information From Other Sources •Ask your audience to help you pick a slogan •Gather information to assess public awareness •Relay information from people on the ground during crisis Invite your fans & followers to generate content themselves •Create information that people would want to share •Use humor to relay the message if not in middle of crisis •Use pop culture to make yourself better heard Make your content Viral
  10. 10. Connecting To Your Audience: Team Building •Leads the social media activities •Sets the tone and the strategy •Analyzes the feedback & statistics •Coordinates the offline-online efforts Community Manager •Receive Feedback from social Media Team •Escalate issues to relevant parties •Return feedback to Social Media Team •Follow up offline to online requests Escalation Contacts •Provide valuable info by compiling data from multiple sources •Can be a dedicated team or an ad hoc team created from elements from various areas of the organization Research & Content •Especially useful during crisis •Allows faster live reporting from hot spots •Coordinate through collaborative tools such as Google Docs Ad Hoc Volunteers SAMPLE TEAM STRUCTURE
  11. 11. Connecting To Your Audience
  12. 12. Connecting To Your Audience
  13. 13. Dos & Don’ts DOs •Listen& Escalate •Reply & Engage •Adopt a positive tone •Follow-up Offline •Be Creative •Connect your business value chain to your social media DON’Ts •Censor •Patronize •Defend •Ignore •Use your social media as a billboard •Disappear for long periods
  14. 14. Example: Donner Sang Compter “We, Donner Sang Compter, are a non- profit, non-governmental organization. Our mission is to promote and raise awareness about voluntary blood donation. In addition, DSC links potential donors to patients and organizes regular blood drives to eliminate shortages at the Lebanese hospitals.” DSCLEBANON
  15. 15. Example: Donner Sang Compter DSCLEBANON
  16. 16. Example: I am Alive •Following recent terrorist explosions hitting the country •Inspired by the difficulty of reaching and reassuring loved ones •One tap solution to inform all your contacts on Twitter and Facebook that you are well (or if you need help) Sandra Hassan
  17. 17. Example: I am Alive VIP •No This is not a paid version of the application •Tongue in Cheek poke at politicians •Allows politicians to immediately tweet (often absurd) condemnation statements to recent events or explosions Sandra Hassan
  18. 18. Final Recommendation