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Edmonton mobile physiotherapy


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Physical therapist can only supervise, direct and give physical therapy, exercise therapy, massage therapy services. When choosing mobile physiotherapy services in Edmonton you don't have to search the therapist, instead they find you at your place.

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Edmonton mobile physiotherapy

  1. 1. In-homo Physical Vhanpyl Rohabllltauon sorvlcos WE COME TO YOU BOOK YOUR ASSESSMENT TODAY In-Home Physical Therapy 8. Rehabilitation Services VS’: ,1 Physical Exercise Massage 5, Therapy Therapy Therapy S Vi 7 Kinesio Injury-Specific
  2. 2. Our team also provide other service like Patient fall risk assessments. Fall prevention therapy. Activity specific training etc. Remember In-Home Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services for all your rehabilitation needs. Our team is comprised on Physical Therapists, Message Therapists, Kineosiologists, Athletic Therapists and Exercise Therapists. Facilities we service: Long Term Seniors Assisted Therapy Care Housing Living In-home Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for prevention and optimal management of injuries
  3. 3. Common conditions we treat; J Fractures Jjoint replacement J Post stroke J Palliative conditions J Chronic pain J Chronic sports injuries J Back pain J Post hospitalization or surgery J Motor vehicle accidents J Athletic injuries Book your appointment: Name* Email* Message * 2'1!JEii': |li In-home Physical Therapy 8. Rehabilitation Services Our In-home physical therapy & rehabilitation services include: I Back and neck pain J Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand injuries J Knee, ankle and foot related injuries J Knee and hip replacements .1 Motor vehicle and other accidents Edmonton # 587 410 4292 Calgary # 587 316 9322 Facilities we service: - Senior Home - lnvhome - Assisted Living - Hospitals - Long Term Care Facilities Book your consultation today: Name * Emarl’
  4. 4. J Sports related injuries J Chronic pain J Work related injuries J Balance and fall prevention J Arthritic and joint dysfunction J Postural dysfunction J Fractures J Arch Pain and related injuries Services We offer: - Athletic Therapy - Physical Therapy - Massage Therapy - Kinesio Taping - Activity Specific Training - Exercise Therapy — Injury-specific Rehabilitation 00$ Message * SUBMIT Website and SEO by Rapid Boost Marketing