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Where I live


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Public services: health center, school, library, police station, fire station, post office, cleaning service, bus service, train service.
Jobs: doctor, teacher, librarian, police officer, firefighter, postal worker, garbage collector, gardener, bus driver, train driver.
My province is Madrid. Autonomous communities.

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Where I live

  1. 1. Where I live
  2. 2. Where do you go in your town when you don’t feel well? I go to the health center.
  3. 3. Where do you go every day to learn new things? I go to school.
  4. 4. Where do you go when you want to read many different books? I go to the public library.
  5. 5. Where do you go when you want to send a letter? I go to a mailbox or a post office
  6. 6. Many people work in public services to help the community. There are garbage collectors, police officers, firefighters, doctors, teachers, postal workers, librarians, train drivers…
  7. 7. Draw in your notebook: Public Services. Public services take care of you and your town. SCHOOL
  8. 8. What's the role of public services?Public services take care of you and your town.
  9. 9. Who can use public services? Men? Women? Children? The elderly?
  10. 10. Poor people? Rich people?
  11. 11. Who can use public services?Public services are for everyone to use.
  12. 12. Draw in your notebook: Public Services are for everyone to use. SCHOOL
  13. 13. These are some public services:
  14. 14. A health center.
  15. 15. A school
  16. 16. A public library
  17. 17. A police station
  18. 18. A fire station
  19. 19. A post office.
  20. 20. The cleaning service.
  21. 21. The gardening service.
  22. 22. A bus and a train.
  23. 23. This is the town hall. The mayor and local politicians organise the public services.
  24. 24. Many different people work in public services to help you.
  25. 25. Who works at the health center?A doctor and a nurse work at the health center.
  26. 26. Who works at the school?A teacher works at the school
  27. 27. Who works at the public library?A librarian works at the public library ?
  28. 28. Who works at the police station?A police officer works at the police station
  29. 29. Who works at the fire station?A firefighter works at the fire station
  30. 30. Who works at the post office?A postal worker works at the post office.
  31. 31. Who works at the cleaning service?A garbage collector works at the cleaning service.
  32. 32. Who works at the gardening service?A gardener works at the gardening service.
  33. 33. Who drives a bus and a train?A bus driver A train driver
  34. 34. Who works at the town hall?A mayor works at the town hall.
  35. 35. Draw in your notebook: Many people work in public services to help you. A doctor A librarian A police officer A firefighter A postal worker A garbage collector A bus driver A train driver.
  36. 36. My Province.
  37. 37. What province is my town in? Is it in Segovia? Is it in Toledo? Is it in Cuenca? Is it in Madrid?
  38. 38. My town is in the province of Madrid. Colmenar Viejo Madrid
  39. 39. Take a look at the province of Madrid. Click on the image. Can you find your town?
  40. 40. Madrid is a province.
  41. 41. What is the capital of Madrid?The capital of Madrid is Madrid.
  42. 42. Do you know how many provinces are there in Spain?
  43. 43. There are 50 provinces in Spain.
  44. 44. Every province has a local government. This is the City Hall of Madrid.
  45. 45. The mayor and local politicians organise public services
  46. 46. We choose these politicians by voting for them in public elections.
  47. 47. Now, imagine you are the mayor of your town. What would you propose to the citizens?
  48. 48. Do you know what language do people speak in Spain?
  49. 49. Although most people in Spain speak Spanish, in some provinces they speak a different language or dialect.
  50. 50. Have you been to other provinces? Yes, I have been to…
  51. 51. Provinces are grouped into autonomous communities.
  52. 52. Spain has 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities: Ceuta and Melilla.
  53. 53. Each autonomous community has a capital city and its own government.
  54. 54. Madrid is a province and an autonomous community. Its capital is Madrid.
  55. 55. Now, can you answer these questions?
  56. 56. Spain is a country.Is Spain a city or a country?
  57. 57. What´s the capital of Spain?
  58. 58. The capital of Spain is Madrid. Madrid
  59. 59. What is the capital of Madrid?
  60. 60. The capital of the province of Madrid is Madrid.
  61. 61. My town is … I live in the province of… I live in the autonomous community of… The capital city is… My country is… The capital of Spain is…