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How my body moves. Skeletal and muscular systems.


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Science. Elementary education. This presentation includes videos and interactive activities. Download this presentation in order to fully take advantage of its characteristics.

Skeletal and muscular systems. Joints. Body sections.

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How my body moves. Skeletal and muscular systems.

  1. 1. Skeletal and muscular systems
  2. 2. Index: • Skeletal system 7 • Muscular system 17 • Body sections 23 • Joints 27
  3. 3. Can living things move? Plants Animals People
  4. 4. Animals and people can move.
  5. 5. How do we move?
  6. 6. We have a skeleton and muscles.
  7. 7. Why do we need a skeleton? Why do we need bones?
  8. 8. Our skeleton supports our body.
  9. 9. Why do we need a skull?
  10. 10. Because our skull protects our brain.
  11. 11. Why do we need our ribs?
  12. 12. Heart Because our ribs protect our heart and lungs. Lungs
  13. 13. Skull Ribs Spine Pelvis BONES
  14. 14. Can you feel your bones? Spine Skull
  15. 15. Now, can you name these bones? Skull Ribs Spine Pelvis
  18. 18. Why do we need muscles?Because muscles help us move. We have many muscles in our body.
  19. 19. Our bones and muscles work together to help us move.
  20. 20. Muscles contract to pull our bones.
  21. 21. Muscles contract to pull our bones.Muscles work in pairs.
  22. 22. Our body has three sections. Head Torso Limbs
  23. 23. How many limbs do we have? Torso Limbs Point to the 3 body sections. We have 4 limbs Head
  24. 24. She is missing her torso What body section is she missing?
  25. 25. What body section is he missing? He is missing his limbs
  26. 26. JOINTS
  27. 27. A joint is the point where two bones meet.
  28. 28. Joints help us bend our limbs
  29. 29. Can you bend your body?
  30. 30. Can you name some joints in your body?
  31. 31. Knee joint Elbow joint
  32. 32. ankle joint shoulder joint
  33. 33. Shoulder Elbow Wrist Hip Knee Ankle JOINTS
  34. 34. Can you name these joints? Shoulder Wrist Elbow Hip
  35. 35. How about these joints? Knee Hip Ankle Elbow
  36. 36. What joints are they bending to perform this dance?
  37. 37. One more question: What organs can you name in this video?