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Software craftsmanship mindset


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Software craftsmanship mindset: How coach can help

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Software craftsmanship mindset

  1. 1. Craftsmanship Mindset Chandan patary, Agile Coach, Societe Generale
  2. 2. "The only source of knowledge is experience.“ -Einstein
  3. 3. Agenda • Current Status • Mindset • Challenges • What we have done • Key takeaway
  4. 4. are-the-10-best-countries-for- computer-programming-and-the- US-didnt-make-the- list/articleshow/53953309.cms
  5. 5. Jugaad solution
  6. 6. Will we continue to dominate in Software export Market?
  7. 7. All about Mindset
  8. 8. Start with Why?
  9. 9. Software development is becoming more complex How do we manage software “illities”
  10. 10. Change is constant
  11. 11. Writing software is social skill! Software Development is a People focus.
  12. 12. Development Environment!!!
  13. 13. Being Immersed in an activity: Sustain flow state with passion
  14. 14. Needs for each phase of product developments are different
  15. 15. Going extra Mile
  16. 16. Software Craftsman is full with Unconscious Competence
  17. 17. "Phelps swims minimum 80,000 meters a week, which is nearly 50 miles. He practices twice a day, sometimes more if he's training at altitude. Phelps trains for around five to six hours a day at six days a week."
  18. 18. When you deal with this code base?
  19. 19. What good developers wants from a manager Excellent craftsmantship is expensive
  20. 20. What organization wants from developers
  21. 21. What developers wants from organization
  22. 22. What we have done? Build learning systems so that your people can perform better while increasing their competencies. "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.“ – Steve Jobs • Build Community of Practice and sustain • Code contest or hackathon and give social recognition • highlighted and recognized, Developers are more valuable than Managers. • Recruiting right candidates • Develop people collaboration and communication skill to mastery in software craftsmanship • Allocate time, no compromise • Value based measurement • Contribute into the community through Blogs, paper and speakership and newsletter • Build pipeline for software delivery
  23. 23. Thank You!!!