People issues with Agile Scrum Team


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People issues with Agile Scrum Team

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People issues with Agile Scrum Team

  1. 1. Chandan Patary,Agile coach People issues with Agile- ScrumTeam: Challenges for Agile coach? – Part1
  2. 2.  We are using Agile-scrum but we are not getting output?  How can Agile coach help us?  Where are the problems?  All these issues if not taken care will cause long term issue in Agile scrum Issues?
  3. 3. How people issue can cripple the Agile-scrum project output? What are the factors influence Agile scrum team? People Challenges
  4. 4. How is the Organizational culture?  Do we have buy-in from the team to produce value and follow Agile?  All the team members are engaged and committed?  Is it a flat organization or too many layers to get the work done?  Product owner and scrum masters playing their role defined by the SCRUM philosophy?  How is the Agile knowledge for other department like HR, Training, procurement? Do they know the Agile process? They act as Agile team?  Team members are caring,sharing,owning and taking responsibility and willing to learn?  Team members are jealous with each other ?  No investment on people development? Organizational Climate
  5. 5.  Team is in distributed Agile environment? Executed in multiple geographical locations?  Frequent travel? Video conference? Using all mechanism but still team bonding effectiveness is not improving?  Developers are in other location not sharing implementation but builds are coming at interval to test engineers which are located different geographic location?  Geo – political issue confusing team members?  Poor accent and communication problem?  Other side is not sharing knowledge ? Cultural Diversity
  6. 6.  Free electron are not engaged in project?  Free electrons running into multiple directions?  Free electron are confused and yielding wrong result?  Not enough support like vision,startegy to direct these free electrons? Free Electron as a team members!
  7. 7.  Distributed multi location diversified team creativity varies?  Caused any team issues if creative solution mostly coming from other global location?  Tasks shared, design solution mostly coming from global location? Dependency is high on global location? Highly creative team members are only one location?  Team is under constant pressure?Threat ? to come to a stage of creativity? Creativity
  8. 8.  All team members ready to take any assignment?  All team members having skill and required knowledge to execute the tasks?  “I am a architect , I can not do testing or bug fixing” attitude is missing in team?  Not able to deliver value? Always reporting impediments after impediments?  Accountability is missing ?  I have done the development let tester test it and I will fix the bug! Are we really done the development?  Too many specialist ? not willing take other than their own area?  Requirements are not written properly , can’t start the work?  Team space is there but anybody is sharing anything? Team Members Competencies and Characteristics
  9. 9.  Looking for only Burn down chart, Velocity, Doneness ?  Too much micromanagement ? Value generation ? Productivity improvement? Behind numbers?  Especially multi site and multi location ? Is there any race for demonstration? who is contributing more?  Not shielding the team members? Team Leader or Project Leader
  10. 10.  Managers are ignorant about Agile – scrum process?  Always waterfall mindset and asking for budget information?  “ I know agile, don’t teach me but where is the MPP?” !  Not much support for agile execution ? Why do you need video conference? Why do you need to sit together? Why do you need to travel? Why do you need dedicated test resource? etc.  Senior manager are not interested to know about project impediments? But wants output? Top Management Support
  11. 11.  Where are the requirement documents ? are they Approved?  Where is Design document? All other document approved?  We have separate test department when are we delivering to them? Currently they are busy in other integration testing?  Everything is fine but what is EV of the project? And SPI and CPI?  Manager does not have trust nor respect on team? WaterfallType Manager in Agile world
  12. 12.  Team members are not willing to take up assignment?  Scrum master is pushing hard to get the work done?  Team members are not willing to contribute ?  Team members are not promoted to next level for long time? I want designation?  Poor pay package but expectation from the team is high as an end deliverables?  Too much commitment from various assignment? Team Member’s Motivation
  13. 13.  Team is only doing daily standup ! Nothing else?  No demo , no other scrum process has been properly followed?  No body is volunteering to take tasks, neither updating what they are working on?  Scrum master is pushing hard to extract information and assigning tasks?  Scrum master is writing implementation in the meeting to the team members? Agile Stand up:
  14. 14.  Missing proper Agile training?  No Agile coach or consultant?  Coaching and mentorship or organization supports are missing?  Team members are reading and deploying Agile process ? Proper Agile Support
  15. 15.  I will do all the module ?  Bow down in front of me for knowledge?  No coaching, mentoring or sharing knowledge?  Do we have team members like this ? Cowboy coder!
  16. 16.  Product owner is learning product?  Architect is playing role of product owner?  Project manager is playing role of Scrum master ? He or She is a tasks master? Does not understand technology?  All team members are fresh from college and all are experimenting with the work? Efficient Agile team members missing?
  17. 17. Team has all these issues, Mr. AGILE COACH can you help us? Optimistic Agile coach will say ? NO!! It is a DNA change, Total organizational transformation, Agile process can not provide quick fix. It is journey to clean up the system. Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.—LeoTolstoy What to do next?