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Indian financial system


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Indian financial system

  2. 2.  To mobilize savings and deploy them productively. The players are called Intermediaries who help to transfer the wealth from savers to users, investors and support services providers
  3. 3.  Institutions Regulators Instruments dealt with Supporting service Institutions like Brokers, custodians, advisory
  4. 4.  Unorganised Sector: Money lenders Indigenous bankers Chit funds Nidhis Self help groups ORGANISED SECTOR: Capital market Money market Forex market Derivatives market
  5. 5.  Commercial Banks Development Financial Institutions NBFCs FIIs MFIs Cooperative Banks RRBs PE funds Insurers Post Offices Mutual Funds
  6. 6.  Reserve Bank of India – for Banks, NBFC, FIs etc. SEBI – for capital markets IRDA – for insurance NABARD – for RRBs Registrar of cooperative societies for Co-op banks PFRDA for Pension funds
  7. 7.  Merchant Bankers/Investment Bankers Stock Brokers Stock Exchanges Clearing corporations Depositories Credit Rating Agencies Credit Information Bureau (CIBIL) DICGC ECGC Market Research Organizations
  8. 8.  Capital market – Debt( bonds) and Equity( Shares) Money market – Short term maturity instruments like T-bill, commercial papers, Repos Derivatives – futures, options, swaps etc.
  9. 9.  ADRs GDRs ECBs Participatory Notes issued by FIIs