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Presentation Cavas Patagon English

  1. 2. Cavas Patagón is a grape producing company, with vineyards in the areas of Valle de Uco , Agrelo, Ugateche , and Rivadavia in the province of Mendoza , Argentina, we do have 300 ha in production , with grapes MALBEC, CABERNET SAUVIGNON , MERLOT, SYRAH, TEMPRANILLO, CHENIN BLANC , TORRONTES , CHARDONNAY, SEMILLON BLANCS. Cavas Patagon S. A. has reached an agreement with Coop. SAN CARLOS SUD LTD , a Wine Cooperative with two wineries located in La Consulta , and Chilecito , at the Uco Valley, Mendoza., to process all our grapes at the Coop Wineries under the quality supervision of our own enologist Mr. Miguel Martin . Cavas Patagon brands: Santa Camila , Santa Catalina , Patagón , Artina , Briseo, San Fermin , AMPIMPA , will be produced and bottled by San Carlos Sud Cooperative and marketed I ARGENTINA and the World by Cavas Patagón SA   Cavas Patagón S. A.
  2. 3. The SPARKLING WINE production plant of Patagonia Wines & FOODS SA , an affiliated company of Cavas Patagon SA , will be installed in La Consulta winery, of San Carlos Sud, and will be run together with Patagonia Wines for the production of sparkling and pearl wines, for the local and international markets , for their brands SANTA CAMILA SAPARKLING , MADAME SEVIGNE , LUXOS GRAN CUVEE , plus FIESTA , and FRAPPIER FRIZZANTE WINES. Thus, Cavas Patagón will have, in total with their ownw wines , plus San Carlos production, 14 million liters of premium red wine of high quality, available to be traded in Argentine and international markets.   Such capacity, for still wines, plus the capacity to produce and market pearl and sparkling wines produced at our own champagne plant will provide Cavas Patagón SA, with one of the most complete product portfolios of the Argentine wine industry Cavas Patagón S. A.
  3. 4. Coop. San Carlos Sud. Towards 1950, the vineyards covered most arable land in San Carlos department. Producers realized that the raw material came from our vineyards but the wines that had become famous were from other areas. Such situation led us to join in cooperatives under Rochdale’s principles, to avoid the intermediary between our grapes and the quality wines. This passing from wine growers to wine producers took shape in two districts, La Consulta and Chilecito . Both undertakings rapidly started producing excellent wines that achieved deserved fame such as Cabal and El Relincho that received gold medals in different European competitions. In 1999, we started a strategic alliance between both corporations and in 2000 we merged under the registered name of "Cooperativa San Carlos Sud". The hard work to provide both wineries with high tech has finally given its fruits. This fact fills us with pride and gives us the possibility to offer either bulk or bottled wine with the certainty to satisfy the most discerning palates. Cavas Patagón S. A.
  4. 5. WINERY Our two wineries in La Consulta with a 10 million liter capacity and in Chilecito , with a 4.6 million capacity, are buried deep in the heart of San Carlos department.  Both have been equipped with the best French and Italian technology.  We have a crushing system imported from France, stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature controller, cooling equipments that ensure fermentation control and masonry sinks totally lined in epoxy.   Wine aging is done in oak casks and barrels placed in both wineries’ cellars.  An agriculturist supervises the vineyard state as regards health, fertilization, pruning, maintenance and optimal harvest time.  Modern laboratories ensure permanent analytic control. Qualified staff and appropriate equipment make the perfect match that culminates in the quality of our wines.  In years of normal harvest, there is no idle capacity in both wineries.  ** San Carlos Sud Coop . has been the main supplier of bulk Premium and Super Premium red wines from Uco Valley to the main Argentine wineries.**      
  5. 6. Winery located in La Consulta – Aerial photograph – 8 million liter capacity
  6. 7. Filtering line Press Filling Line Press INFRAESTRUCTURE
  7. 8. Laboratory Stainless steel tanks
  8. 9. Epoxy tanks Tank caps Plant
  9. 10. Labelling machine
  10. 11.   San Carlos is situated in the west center of Mendoza Province, about 100 km from the Capital city and 1,160 km from Argentina’s Federal Capital. It is leaned against the Andes range, which gives it a different microclimate from our 450 hectare vineyards.   It is located between 33º 30’ and 35º 45’ south latitude and 68º 15’ and 70º west longitude.   It has an extension of 11,578 km2 and is divided into five districts: Villa Cabecera de San Carlos, La Consulta, Eugenio Bustos, Chilecito and Pareditas. It also includes Cápiz, Calise, Casas Viejas, Tres Esquinas, Paso de Las Carretas, El Cepillo, Villa Chacón and El Capacho spots.   This region is known as Uco Valley or De los Huarpes Depression. They are connected with the neighbouring department and the province capital by the national road No. 40 to the north and No. 143 to the south. The districts are interconnected by provincial roads No. 92 and 95 and a paved road network. Provincial road No. 92 is the direct access to one of our wineries in La Consulta city.   The second winery is located to the south of national road No. 40, km 115 of Chilecito district.   Location
  11. 12.
  12. 13. Location inside Valle de Uco
  13. 14. Isolated from the large oceans, due to the distance to the east and the high mountains to the west, the land location determines the semi desert climate, characterized by a wide temperature range between day and night. Such low night temperatures ensure the quality of the grapes cultivated in the region. Two streams supply the required amount of pure meltwater that contributes to the success of its agricultural undertakings.   The stony land in the upper part of the valley is optimal for vine growing.   The fauna is adapted to the soil and climate conditions. The presence of a camel known as guanaco is worth mentioning, the herds of which are watched by a guide called “Relincho”, symbol recognized by one of our brands.   The land
  14. 15. The business associates count with more than 700 hectares of their own vineyards planted with varieties such as: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, Bonarda, Chardonay, Semillón, Sauvignon Blanc and others.   Besides, grapes from third parties are also elaborated, which are almost considered as our own due to the long lasting relationship and that represent an important percentage of the production. Vineyards
  15. 16. Brands
  16. 17. Artina – Varietales 750 cl. Patagón – Varietales 750 cl. Products
  17. 18. Products Santa Camila – Varietales 750 cl. Santa Camila – Varietales 1.500 cl.
  18. 19. Luxos - Espumante Products
  19. 20. Productos Sevigne - Espumante Products
  20. 21. Santa Camila - Reserva Products