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Creating forms


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Creating forms

  1. 1. Assignment 1: “Creating forms”Students:Cáceres, LauraFernández, PatriciaPalladino, Luciana Assessment sheet on the Power Point Presentation Cross True (T) or False (F) 1. Computers are devices most associated with Educational Technology. True False 2. Microcomputer Revolution begins with the first personal computer. True False 3. The learning process is enhanced by the use of technological tools. True False Select the correct alternative 4. Microcomputers Revolution begins in the ......... 5. Which of these tools is not related to computer or non-computer technology? ............. 6. Technology ........... students’ motivation. Fill in the blanks 7. The psychological theory that provides learners with instructions on what to do is      . 8. The theory of learning that fosters collaborative learning is      . 9. Through editing, students’       skills can be improved. 10. The first personal computer was sold in      .