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Krishnaleelaseries part39-thekillingofkamsa-091030001235-phpapp02

  1. 1. Recap…Kuvalayapida killedChanura challenges krishna
  2. 2. The wrestling match begins • Kamsa’s wrestlers determined to fight • Krishna confronts Chanura and Balaram confronts Mushtika. • Fighting increased step by step • Legs and hands were locked together • Perfect art of wrestling exhibited
  3. 3. A Total mismatch• Audience lost their sense of enjoyment• Chanura and Mushtika like thunder bolts & the boys are delicate and of tender age • Do not watch this unfair match • Yet someone describes Krishna’s beauty
  4. 4. Ladies addresss each other • Praise the good fortune of Vrajvas • Opulence of Krishna Balaram• Gopis perfectly in trance• Gopis’ activities – highest form of piety
  5. 5. Krishna Balaram win effortlessly• Krishna kills Chanura by centrifugal action• Balaram strikes Mushtika a deadly blow• Krishna kicks Shala and cracks his head• Balaram kills Kuta with His left hand• Toshala was also kicked and killed by Krishna• Other wrestlers flee
  6. 6. Krishna’s friends rejoice Kamsa is enraged• Cowherd boys congratulate Krishna • Orders Krishna Balaram to be driven out of Mathura• Drums beat • Cowherd boys to be plundered• Ankle bells tinkle • Vasudeva, Nanda Maharaj and• People clap Ugrasena to be killed• Brahmanas praise
  7. 7. Krishna Became Very Angry • Krishna jumps over Kamsa’s high guards • Kamsa takes up his sword • Krishna caught him with great force and knocked down his crown
  8. 8. Kamsa lost his vital force• Krishna grabbed his long hair• Threw him down• Began to strike him over and over again• Kamsa was dead• Krishna dragged him• Jubiliation and lamentation
  9. 9. Kamsa attains sarupya mukti • Thought of Krishna 24 hours a day • Was thinking of Krishna with His chakra • Attained same form as Narayana • Promoted to Vaikuntha planet • Krishna is all good, all merciful • Liberation of devotee and enemy not the same
  10. 10. TEXT 6 yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajaty ante kalevaram tam tam evaiti kaunteya sada tad-bhava-bhavitah TRANSLATIONWhatever state of being one rememberswhen he quits his body, that state he willattain without fail.
  11. 11. Who was Kamsa?• In Satya yuga he was a demon named Kalanemi• In Treta yuga he was Ravana’s uncle• In Dwapara yuga he was Kamsa
  12. 12. Lord Balaram kills Kamsa’s brothers Kamsa and his brothers – maternal uncles Krishna obliged to kill Kamsa Balaram takes charge of killing Kamsa’s brothers
  13. 13. The Devas Shower flowers• Congratulate Krishna and Balaram• Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma join in• Beating of drums• Wives of devas began to dance
  14. 14. Kamsa’s Wives lament• Striking their foreheads• No longer auspicious• Punished by laws of nature• Neglected Krishna’s authority• Met with death
  15. 15. Krishna releases His Parents • Krishna consoled His aunts • Performed rituals for dead uncles • Released Vasudeva and Devaki • Krishna and Balaram fell at Their Parents’ feet and offered prayers • They did not embrace Krishna and Balaram • Vasudev and Devaki were always conscious of Krishna’s position