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In this presentation we share the outcomes from our first round of Listening Posts where we shared who we are and who we are called to be, and information about our needs for a Director of Youth and Family Ministries to fulfill our staff.

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  • Paul reads quote from book about trusting God...

    John leads prayer...


  • Listening posts ii

    1. 1. Welcome! Listening Posts II What we’ve learned, a way forward.
    2. 2. Prayer
    3. 3. The Process... • We’ll touch on some of the key points, then talk about moving Faith Lutheran Church forward in response to the things our members have said • Response
    4. 4. Things others should know about FLC • We are centered in Scripture and believe our lives are strengthened by faith in Jesus Christ • We seek to make faith “relevant” for the world around us • We are open to change
    5. 5. and... • We’re friendly and we care about others • We are youth oriented and have great programs • We welcome outside groups • We are family friendly • We have good seniors programs
    6. 6. We’ll encourage Intergenerational Ministry by • We’ll involve people of all ages in worship • We’ll seek lasting relationships • We’ll include all ages in fellowship • We’ll share the Bible in a way that reaches all ages
    7. 7. and... • We’ll make connections between seniors and youth to share faith • We’ll try to “catch” each other doing things right and acknowledge it • Cookie Prayer Ministry • Empty Nesters babysitting/mentoring young families
    8. 8. and... • We’ll include others in what we do • Monthly Intergenerational conversations for Sunday School • We’ll create clear, concise direction/ leadership to guide our actions and communicate with the congregation
    9. 9. and... • We’ll learn not to fear other generations, we’ll learn about each other • We’ll share what we’re doing with other groups to promote connections • We’ll adapt activities to “work” for all ages
    10. 10. and... • We’ll seek new programs such as puppet ministry, music, and drama that all ages can participate in • We’ll organize group outings • We’ll use music for worship that meets the needs of all generations while honoring our traditions
    11. 11. What We’ll Value in a D.Y.F.M. • Christ-centered person who is engaged in their faith journey and grounded in Lutheran Theology • Strong commitment to all ages, children thru our most experienced members • Strong communication skills
    12. 12. and... • A passion for youth and family ministry that is evident • Approachable, accessible, connected • Able to walk with youth through their lives • Can make connection between Sunday and Wednesday and everyday faith
    13. 13. and... • Someone who is genuine and trustworthy • An ability to bring families together • Understands reaching out into the community • Strong interpersonal skills
    14. 14. When we are faithful to God’s mission... • Multiple worship opportunities • Young people who stay connected/ return to the church • Growing congregation • Greater diversity
    15. 15. and... • Strong connection with our community through outreach/service • A teaching congregation that can help other churches learn about intergen ministry • Well thought out activities for all generations
    16. 16. and... • Growing numbers of families and children • Singles ministry • Young adult ministry • Expanded family life center and worship/educational space
    17. 17. and... • Excellent training for faith formation in the home • In depth Bible study • We’ll be a community of faith that you miss while you’re away • Small groups will keep people connected during the week
    18. 18. Moving Forward Together
    19. 19. Moving Forward Together
    20. 20. Meeting Ministry Needs
    21. 21. Meeting Ministry Needs
    22. 22. Acting now will... • Help us share Jesus Christ with all • Show a commitment to who we say we are and who we want to be • Assure excellence in programming for children, youth, and families • Help volunteers by coordinating ministry efforts • Fill a void in our ministry team
    23. 23. Acting now will... • Build relationships with our youth that will encourage connection to the church during and following college years • Assure continued pastoral support for other important ministry needs • Enhance what we offer for everyone
    24. 24. Qualifications • Growing faith & theology that is in alignment with our mission, vision and the core values of Faith Lutheran Church, ELCA.
    25. 25. Experience & Education • Minimum 4 year degree • Certification School in Youth & Family Ministry • Demonstrated commitment to a vocation in Youth & Family Ministry
    26. 26. Suggested Trainings • Peer Ministry Training • Passing on Faith Training • Milestone Ministry Experience
    27. 27. Key Attributes • Loves the Lord & can • Understands ministry express faith well as a team • Loves the church • Willing to receive coaching, outside • Loves to be with training, and on the children, youth, and job training their families • Faith founded in a • Is a director, not just theology of the cross a doer (grace oriented) and models Christ
    28. 28. Outcomes for Our People • Trusting in a personal • Accepting Christ responsibility in the congregation • Understanding and living in grace • Demonstrating unprejudiced and • Communicating with loving lives God regularly • Accepting authority • Demonstrating moral and being personally responsibility responsible
    29. 29. Outcomes for Our People • Having a hopeful and positive attitude • Participating in the rituals of the Christian community • Engaging in mission and service
    30. 30. Understanding Youth and Family Ministry Youth and family ministry is a holistic and intergenerational approach to ministry. It is primarily not about children, youth, or families. It is primarily about Jesus. It is about discipleship and passing on the faith. It is not just children’s ministry or youth ministry. It’s everything that God is doing in the community through the congregation. Thus a director of youth and family ministry must work with the whole ministry team of the congregation, have a clear understanding of the vision and mission of the congregation, and understand faith formation.
    31. 31. Understanding Youth and Family Ministry Additional resources can be found on our website: Link to “Youth and Family Ministry” on right
    32. 32. Our Commitment Faith Lutheran Church has made a conscious decision as a congregation, in faithful consideration of God’s mission for us, to expand our ministry.  As such, we will nurture our ministry to children, youth, and families through the hiring a Director of Youth and Family Ministries.
    33. 33. What’s Next?
    34. 34. What’s Next?
    35. 35. Ministry Growth Plan • Church Council affirms plan developed at Council retreat • Leaders are trained • Education and sharing information, SEED Newsletter, website, temple talks, etc. to make sure we all have the information we need to understand our goals for ministry
    36. 36. Ministry Growth Plan • Each member will have a chance to meet with a team member to learn more about our plan and needs • Each member will be given the opportunity to commit to our future
    37. 37. Desired Outcome • Stewardship Committee evaluates our situation with pastors, council • Interview candidate • Hire candidate and ministry begins • Ministry strategies shaped and expansion of ministry begins
    38. 38. New Ministry Possibilities for FLC • Singles • Milestone Ministry Marking Ministry • Young Adult Ministry • Discovery Weekend • Extensive Bible Retreat Studies • Small Group • Passing on Ministry Faith Initiative for families • and more...
    39. 39. Questions?
    40. 40. Questions?
    41. 41. “May the blessings of each day be the blessings you need most.” - Irish Blessing