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March 2013 announcements


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March 2013 announcements

  1. 1. Saturday, March 16th Potluck mealVideo - Louie Giglio “Prayer Remix” Discussion to follow Starts at 6PM
  2. 2. Mondays, 6-7:30PM KidsChoir, games, snacks, crafts, and more
  3. 3. There will be a Discovery ZoneChildren’s Choir concert during the pre-Easter services here on Monday, March 25.
  4. 4. Passion Week Services March 25-29Sunday – NewelltonMonday – here, Discovery Zone kids and moreTuesday – Faith Christian ChurchWednesday – Stone Church, united in prayerThursday – Port La TourFriday – Cross Walk, hosted by Temple BaptistCantata at Calvary Baptist Church All evening services 7PM
  5. 5. Bay Side Nursing Home ScheduleMarch 3May 5June 23August 4November 17
  6. 6. Roseway Nursing Home Schedule April 28 August 18 December 8
  7. 7. 2nd Wednesday of the Month GRACE NIGHT Communicating love and Responding to needsFor more details, call Pat at 745-0240.
  8. 8. #800 Route 330, Centreville, Nova Scotia Pastor Pat Cook PH: 745-0240 (H) E-mail: pastorpatcook@gmail.comCentreville United Baptist Church – C.S.I. @notfarfromeach1