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January 2013 announcements


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January 2013 announcements

  1. 1. Mondays, 6-7:30PM KidsChoir, games, snacks, crafts, and more
  2. 2. Annual Business MeetingWednesday, January 30, 2013 7PM
  3. 3. NEXT WEEK February 3, 6:30PM Presentation by the Pregnancy Care Centre
  4. 4. Starting in February2nd Wednesday of the Month GRACE NIGHT Communicating love and Responding to needs
  5. 5. Coming Up…Tonight – Live Out Loud 6PMTomorrow – Discovery ZoneWednesdays 7PM – Bible Study on JamesJanuary 30 – Business Meeting, 7PMFebruary 3 – Pregnancy Care service, 6:30February 13 – Grace NightFebruary 23 – Activity NightFeb.10,17,24 – Live Out Loud, 6PM
  6. 6. Roseway Nursing Home Schedule April 28 August 18 December 8
  7. 7. Bay Side Nursing Home ScheduleMarch 3May 5June 23August 4November 17
  8. 8. We need another person to volunteer as janitor for the building.If you are willing to do this important ministry, let Brenda know.