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Announcements for may


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Published in: Spiritual
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Announcements for may

  1. 1. DISCOVERY ZONEAll over for the seasonThanks to all who helped out!
  2. 2. Spring Association MeetingJordan Falls Baptist Church, May 10WMS, 2PMSpeaker: Muriel BentBusiness Meeting – 4:30-5:45Supper – 5:45-6:45Rally – 7PMSpecial Music: The Perry BoysSpeaker: Greg Jones
  3. 3. May 12Mother’s Day
  4. 4. May 19Celebration of Pentecost /Shavuot, 10 AMMore details to followLive Out Loud, 6PM
  5. 5. Saturday, May 25thPotluck mealVideo - Louie Giglio “Prayer: A Remix”Discussion to followStarts at 6PM
  6. 6. May 26Evening Service, 6:30 PM