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Announcements for march 2014 2


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Announcements for march 2014 2

  1. 1. Saturday, March 22 Crokinole Night Get a partner, bring a board, and prepare for a night of competition
  2. 2. Fifth Sunday Service March 30, Osborne Baptist Church, 6:30PM A night of music, worship, and fellowship
  3. 3. Regular Services Sunday 10AM – Morning Worship followed by Sunday school Wednesday 7PM – Bible study and prayer
  4. 4. Coming Up in April… 6th – Sunday PM Service 13th – Palm Sunday Bay Side service 17th – Passion Week Service here 20th RESURRECTION DAY: o6:30AM Sunrise Service at Stoney Island o7:15AM Breakfast at the Fire Hall oCelebration Service at CUBC (time TBA)
  5. 5. We are keeping a grocery cart in the entryway for the food bank. Please feel free to donate to this worthwhile ministry affecting people in this area.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Lord of the Rings movie marathon starting at 10AM