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How to Chose Spine Treatment?


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"The Spine Center is a Texas-based spine surgery clinics that uses the latest procedures and technology to relieving back pain and serious spinal problems, offering minimally invasive back surgery and spine treatment.

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Surgical Spine Solutions - Houston TX
14450 TC Jester Boulevard, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77014
(866) 697-7463"

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How to Chose Spine Treatment?

  1. 1. Spine Sur ger yClinics
  2. 2. Spine Surgeryrgery clinics always uses the latest procedur 1ng back pain and serious spinal problems 2ime doctors implant an artificial joint 3 4 offering minimally invasive back surgery and spine treatment
  3. 3. It is reasonable to consider spine surgery if the pain has notdiminished after several months of non-surgical treatment.
  4. 4. Back Pain Treatment Back and neck pain is a very common medical problem that people may experience at some point in their lives. LOGO
  5. 5. The spine surgery clinics goal is to educate the patientsand treat their back and neck pain with the latesttechnologies trying to avoid surgical intervention.
  6. 6. If you have a serious problem, your doctor will order diagnostic tests. Ifappropriate they may refer you to a specialist and help with short-termpain management by prescribing medication.
  7. 7. Treatments for back pain will vary depending on how long the patient hassuffered with pain and the severity of it. Each individual has uniqueneeds and preferences which is also important.
  8. 8. Some people find that heat helps ease the pain. This may include a hotwater bottle or a warm bath. Others find cold, such as an ice pack or a bagof frozen vegetables applied to the painful area is also effective. LOGO
  9. 9. People that remain activeare likely to recover at aconsiderably better rate.This may be difficult atfirst if the pain is severebut try to move aroundand do a little more eachday.
  10. 10. Save your time the frustration of going from clinic to clinic.  Visit us today! Surgical Spine Solutions - Houston TX 14450 TC Jester Boulevard, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77014 (281) 292-1121 Surgical Spine Solutions - Clear Lake TX 14903 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77062 (866) 697-7463