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Published in: Spiritual
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  1. 1. I went to the Lord’s Clinicto have my routine check-up and it confirmed I wasill:我去耶穌的診所,做例行體檢。體檢結果確定:我病了。
  2. 2. When Jesus took my blood pressure, He sawI was low in tenderness.耶穌檢查我的血壓時,他發現我在「溫和親切」方面,血壓很低。
  3. 3. When he read my temperature, the thermometerregistered 40º of anxiety量溫度時,發現血壓計上顯示的是焦慮40º
  4. 4. He ran an electrocardiogram and found that I needed several “love bypasses” since my arteries were blocked with loneliness and could not provide for an empty heart. 心電圖顯示,我需要進行「愛的分流 術」因我的血管被「寂寞」阻塞,無 法提供 血液給空虛的心臟。Me hizo un electrocardiograma y el diagnóstico fue quenecesitaba varios by pases de amor, porque mis arteriasestaban bloqueadas de soledad y no abastecían a mi corazónvacío.
  5. 5. I went to orthopedics, because I could not walkby my brother’s side and I could not hug myfriends, since I had fractured myself whentripping with envy.嫉妒使我跌倒而骨折,無法與弟兄姊妹並肩而行、無法擁抱我的朋友。因此,我進行外科整型術。
  6. 6. He also found I was shortsighted, since I También mecould not see beyond the shortcomings of my encontróbrothers and sisters. miopía, ya que祂也發現我近視了,因為我的所見no podía vermás allá de las無法超越弟兄姐妹們的缺點。cosasnegativas de miprójimo.
  7. 7. When I complained about deafness, thediagnosis was that I had stopped listening toJesus’ voice talking to me on a daily basis.當我抱怨聽不清楚時,診斷顯示我已不再傾聽耶穌每天對我說的話
  8. 8. For all of that, Jesus gave me afree consultation thanks to hismercifulness, so my pledge isto, once I leave this clinic, onlytake the natural remedies heprescribed through his words oftruth:對這一切,耶穌給我免費的診察。由於祂的仁慈,我保證在我離開診所後,只採用按照祂真理之言所給的自然療法的處方:
  9. 9. Every morning,take a full glass of gratitude每天早上,飲用一杯「感恩」
  10. 10. When getting to work,take one spoon of peace工作時,吃一湯匙的「寧靜」
  11. 11. Every hour,take one pill of patience, one cup ofbrotherhood and one glass of humility每個小時,吃一片「耐心」,一杯「四海之內皆兄弟的信念」,以及一杯「謙遜」。
  12. 12. When getting home,take one dose of love回家時,服用一份愛劑
  13. 13. When getting to bed,Take two caplets of clear conscience睡覺前,服用「清醒良心」兩錠
  14. 14. Do not give in into sadness or desperation forwhat you are going through today.對今天所經歷的一切,不要陷於悲傷、絕望God knows how you feel......耶穌知道你的感受God knows exactly and with perfection what isbeing allowed to happen to you in your life at thisprecise moment.耶穌完全知道此時此刻,所有經祂許可,而發生在你身上的一切
  15. 15. God’s purpose for you is simply perfect.耶穌對你的計畫是使你成全He wants to show you things that only you can understandby living what you are living, and by being in the place youare now.藉由你所過生活,以及目前所處的環境,耶穌要告訴你,只有你才能瞭解的事。
  16. 16. May God give you... For every storm, a rainbow, For every tear, a smile, For every care, a promise, And a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, A faithful friend to share, For every sigh, a sweet song, And an answer for each prayer. 願上帝給你 暴風雨後,有彩虹 淚水後,有歡笑 煩惱後,有許諾 試煉中,有祝福面對生命的問題時,有能真誠分享的朋友 嘆息後,有美妙的歌聲 每次祈禱,有回應