A Chance Of Losing


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  • A Chance Of Losing

    1. 1. 人最大的不幸 The Most Serious Misfortune Automatic change 自動換片
    2. 2. 有一個富翁…非常的有錢… A very rich man did have a lot of money.
    3. 3. 凡是可以用錢買得到的東西他都買來擁有享受 。 He could buy whatever he wanted to have.
    4. 4. 然而…他卻覺得自己一點也不快樂不幸福…他很困惑。 However, he was not happy at all, for this he was very confused .
    5. 5. 一天…他突發奇想…將家中所有貴重物品、 首飾、黃金、珠寶通通裝入一個大袋子中… One day, he suddenly had a strange idea, put all his jewelry, gold, etc. into a bag.
    6. 6. 開始去旅行 , 他決定只要誰可以告訴他幸福的方法 , 他就把整個袋子送給他 。 He started his trip, tried to find someone who could tell him the method to find forturne, and would give the whole bag as an reward.
    7. 7. 他找了又找…問了又問…直到一個小村莊… He looked for and asked again and again, and finally arrived a small village.
    8. 8. 有位村民告訴他 , 你應該去見這位大師… A resident told him that you should to visit that master.
    9. 9. 如果他也沒辦法…就算你跑到天涯海角 ... 也沒有人可以幫你了! If he could not help you, then no one else could do so in the world.
    10. 10. 終於見到了正在 家裡閉眼 打坐的大師…富翁非常激動的說: Finally he saw the master silting at home with eyes closed, the millionaire said very excitedly.
    11. 11. 我一生的財產都在這袋子裡 , 只要你能告訴我幸福的方法 , 這 袋子就是你的了 。 The wealth of my whole life is in this bag, if you could tell me the method to find fortune, the bag will be yours.
    12. 12. 這時天色已黑 , 夜已降臨 ; 大師頓時抓了富翁手上的袋子就往外跑了 。 At that time, it was dark, the master suddenly grabbed the bag and ran away.
    13. 13. 富翁一急…又哭又叫的追著跑… The rich man felt restless, cried and chased out.
    14. 14. 畢竟是外地人 , 不一會就跟丟了… After all, he was an outsider, so he lost his way.
    15. 15. 只見富翁一邊哭道…我被騙了…嗚…我一生的心血… The rich man cried sadly and said, “I had been fooled.. the painstaking effort of my whole life…”
    16. 16. 最後大師跑了回來…將袋子還給了他… Finally the master returned back, and gave back the bag to him .
    17. 17. 富翁見到失而復得的袋 , 立刻將其抱在懷裡…直說:太好了…! The rich man was so happy to regain the lost bag, hold it tightly and said repeatedly, “Wonderful, wonderful…”.
    18. 18. 大師在他面前問:你現在覺得如何?幸福嗎? The master stood in front of him and asked, “ How do you feel now, Is it fortunate?”
    19. 19. 幸福…我覺得自己真的太幸福了! Fortunate, fortunate, I feel I am really too fortunate!
    20. 20. 大師笑說:這並不是什麼特別的方法… The master smiled and said, “There doesn ’t exist any special method…”
    21. 21. 只是人對於自己所擁有的一切…都視之為理所當然… Man used to take it for granted that what he had is natural.
    22. 22. 所以不覺得幸福…你欠缺的是一個失去的機會… As a result, you will not feel fortunate, what you lack is a missing chance.
    23. 23. 這樣你馬上就會知道…你所擁有的有多重要… Now you realize how important is what you have!
    24. 24. 現在你還願意把它送我嗎? Now are you willing to send me again?
    25. 25. 其實你現在懷裡所抱的袋子與之前的是同一個, Actually the bag that you hold is exactly the same that you had.
    26. 26. 你 悟出一些道道了嗎? Don’t you realize something from it.
    27. 27. 有趣的一篇故事 。不是嗎? 不知道它可以帶給你多少的想法… An interesting story, isn't it? Really don't know what’s your response ?
    28. 28. 當你失去或缺乏某些東西時…你會念念不忘… When you miss something, you will bear in mind constantly.
    29. 29. 然而一但擁有了…卻又容易忽視它…甚至視而不見… However, once you gain it, it is easily to be ignored, or even don’t feel its existence.
    30. 30. 如果你戀愛過…你就會明白怎麼回事… If you ever had the experience of love, you will understand that.
    31. 31. 戀愛之初 , 對方的一通電話 、 一句問候 、 一份禮物 。 At the early stage, his (her) any call, sending regards or a gift..
    32. 32. … 都會使你高興個許久 … will make you get drunk in the aftertaste.
    33. 33. 只是…一旦關係確立…或結婚…這一切將會消失或者變成理所當然… However, once the relationship is assured or after marriage, all these will disappear and become “take it for granted.”
    34. 34. 『理所當然』你有可能會珍惜嗎? Take it for granted, then could you cherish anymore?
    35. 35. 就如常說的…人總是一直在意已失去的… Just as people often say, one always take notice of what being lost.
    36. 36. 卻不懂得珍惜 已經 擁有的… But never appreciate what is hold by him/her.
    37. 37. 人最大的不幸…就是不知道自己 是 幸福的… The most serious misfortune is that one does not realize that he/she IS fortunate.
    38. 38. 我們很少想到自己擁有什麼 , 對於失去的欠缺的卻一直念念不忘 。 We seldom think about what we already have, But bear in mind constantly about what is deficient.
    39. 39. 因為我們沒有帶甚麼到世上來,也不能帶甚麼去。只要有衣有食,就當知足。 提摩太前書 6:7-8 For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. I Timothy 6:7-8 … 我的百姓也要因我的恩惠知足,這是耶和華說的 。 耶利米書 31:14 ... my people will be filled with my bounty, declares the Lord. Jeremiah 31:14
    40. 40. 所以說上天為了要使我們有看見的能力就安排了各種失去的課程 。 Therefore, in order to let us has the gift to see, God gives us the lesson of missing this or that. 藉由失去 , 讓人學習『看見』的能力— 看見自己擁有的幸福 。 Through losing something, let people learn to see — to see how fortunate it is that we possess.
    41. 41. 愿 神祝福你 !!! May God Bless You!!!