Start a business with business model canvas (short4slideshare)


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disampaikan di Techno Entrepreneur Club pada 29 September 2012.
tentang bagaimana start-up atau pebisnis mula memanfaatkan business model canvas untuk menuangkan idenya.

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Start a business with business model canvas (short4slideshare)

  1. 1. business.model.canvasPanji PrabowoSat.Sep,29th 2012 @ Techno Entrepreneur Club ITB
  2. 2. 1’55’’ video“What is an Entrepreneur”
  3. 3. What is Start-Up “an organization dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty”- Eric Reis- “Lean Start-up” @panjiprabowo
  4. 4. Would you compete for food and land on his terms? Would you fight awar on these terms?New comers against facebook!! New company against indomie??
  5. 5. The right business model can tip the balance of success… …it will diversify the risk associated with the infinite ROI problem …it will help you navigate around 500lb @panjiprabowo
  6. 6. 2’03’’ video“Create the Future You Imagine”
  7. 7. In Indonesia (simple way) : A business model describes the rationale of how we gets Money  @panjiprabowo
  9. 9. 2’20’’ video“Business Model Canvas Explained”
  10. 10. CUSTOMER SEGMENTS which customers and users are you serving? which jobs do they really want to get done? @panjiprabowo
  11. 11. VALUE PROPOSITIONS what are you offering them? what is that getting done for them? do they care? @panjiprabowo
  12. 12. CHANNELS how does each customer segment want to be reached? through which interaction points? @panjiprabowo
  13. 13. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS what relationships are you establishing with each segment? personal? automated? acquisitive? retentive? @panjiprabowo
  14. 14. REVENUE STREAMS what are customers really willing to pay for? how? are you generating transactional or recurring revenues? @panjiprabowo
  15. 15. KEY RESOURCES which resources underpin your business model? which assets are essential? @panjiprabowo
  16. 16. KEY ACTIVITIES which activities do you need to perform well in your business model? what is crucial? @panjiprabowo 17
  17. 17. KEY PARTNERS which partners and suppliers leverage your model? who do you need to rely on? @panjiprabowo
  18. 18. COST STRUCTURE what is the resulting cost structure? which key elements drive your costs? @panjiprabowo
  19. 19. key activities value customer proposition relationships key customer partners segments cost revenue structure key streams resources @panjiprabowo 20 JAM images by
  20. 20. Create value Deliver value Key partners Key activities Value Customer Customer proposition relationship segments Key resources Channels Cost structure Revenue streams Capture @panjiprabowo
  21. 21. Ipod n Itunes Business Model
  22. 22. RGP Business Model
  23. 23. Let’s Try with yours idea….
  24. 24. Traditional Start-Up Model Pre-Start Post- Start Valley of Death- See Get Idea Develop a Source Funding/ Launch if anyone will buy Validation business plan Resources Business my product. Have an Idea Get Set-Up @panjiprabowo
  25. 25. New Start-up Model Attempts to Premature Scale is the No 1 reason that ambitious business start-ups fail.- Source Start-up @panjiprabowo
  26. 26. Whose the Customer? @panjiprabowo
  27. 27. Do you know your customer? The Problem Solution? • Do you know what their problem is? • How important is it to the customer ? • Why is it not being solved? • Why are present solutions inadequate? • Why now? – when does the problem become in need of a solution? @panjiprabowo
  28. 28. Value Proposition- The hypothesis • I intend to offer (sesuatu) to a (siapa) so that they will be able to (keuntungan buat mereka) @panjiprabowo
  29. 29. “In life a hypothesis that somethingis superior to something else cannotbe scientifically proven but it can be demonstrated” Robert Hughes.
  30. 30. The competition- your customers perspective? • Incredible Ignorance • Dr Do nothing • Mr Do it myself • Superman ( What’s their kryptonite) • Boy in costume Who are you competing against for your customers attention? @panjiprabowo
  31. 31. Minimum Viable Product-MVP 1. Hypothesis- “Product- Customer Fit”- Customers will buy my product idea because…..? 2. Evidence- What can I do to disprove/ prove my hypothesis? 3. MVP- A product that will test the hypothesis with @panjiprabowo
  32. 32. Whose your “first” customer Customer- A person with a Segment – A group of customers problem you can solve? that you can… • Reach • Convince to “test & trail” your MVP • Be you co-developers • Be your Evangelizers - Lead on to more custom/ new @panjiprabowo
  33. 33. Customer Relations- Where there is Love there is growth? Love = Growth • Viral- Customers love you so they get at least one other person to use/ buy i.e. Facebook, • Customer Acquisition- You pay to market your product and the profit from the customers you gain is greater than the marketing costs??? (N.B. Margins often need to be high) • Stickiness- Customers “love” you so they keeping coming back for more e.g. Apple- McDonalds.
  34. 34. @panjiprabowo
  35. 35. @panjiprabowo
  36. 36. 1’56” video“Five Book Video”
  37. 37. Terimakasih Panji Prabowo -pegiat inovasi dan bisnis- e. t. @panjiprabowo