Knowledge Gathering: Graphic Design + Wayfinding


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Knowledge Gathering: Graphic Design + Wayfinding

  1. 1. Randomosity The State of Wayfinding at Northeastern University GdAM
  2. 2. History of the Mark 1917 1922 1935 1960 1977 1990 The Evening Institute Seal change after “Lux, Veritas, Virtus.” Changed during a This seal ushered in A smaller more of the Young Men’s Northeastern officially Light, Truth, and period of expansion the beginning of the streamlined logo to Christian Association. incorporated as a Courage. Working and change. Uni- era we are currently embrace a smaller Adapted from the university. Class students. After versity moved from in and marked a time and more stream- YMCA’s emblem the university official- a technical institu- when Northeastern lined university. ly separated from the tion to a professional really started to be- YMCA. place of learning. come a modern uni- versity. GdAM
  3. 3. Branding Standards LogoType The redesign of the Northeastern logo marked a fun- damental shift in the way the university is perceived both by its students and the communities that it ex- ists in (local and global). A modified version of the font Baskerville was developed specifically for the word mark and the seal is a revision of the 1935 hand drawn version. 2008 Rebrand Korn Design When used in a four color process the seal appears in PMS Warm Gray 11 with the word mark in “Northeastern NU RED WARM GRAY 11 BLACK Red” (0, 100, 90, 5) CMYK. There are CMYK CMYK K black and white versions of the Logo- (0, 100, 90, 5) (0, 13, 30, 76) (100) Type as well. GdAM
  4. 4. Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Typography 0123456789 Usage New Baskerville Roman Helvetica Neue serves as an informa- tive and readable display face. It is eco- nomical in terms of space and the bold abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv weight can be read at great distances. wxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz New Baskerville is used for identifying the university and things that require a formal presentation. 0123456789 The italic set of this font is used to sig- nify second level information pertaining New Baskerville Italic abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv to colleges and the university wxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 GdAM
  5. 5. Campus Maps A Brief History 1924 1935 1961 The first map in the ar- The 1935 map shows This map is particularly chive is from the 1924 what a more familiar unique in its illustration student handbook. Due Northeastern, closer to style and orientation. The to the university’s small the neighborhood that pitch is shifted to show size the map puts it in we know today. the dimension of the the greater context of buildings and the viewer Boston. is looking across campus to the southeast. GdAM
  6. 6. More Recently A Brief History Continued 1966 1967 1976 1985 In this version Hunting- And here Huntington This map marks the ad- Here the pitch has shift- ton Avenue runs horizon- Avenue runs North to dition of grid correspon- ed back to a purely birds tally through the middle South. Not an accurate dence numbers to help eye view and sectors of of campus. representation but an in- the user isolate quad- the map are denoted teresting way of dividing rants on the map. The along the bottom but not the campus. buildings are denoted by by latitude. a quadrant and two letter abbreviation. GdAM
  7. 7. Current Map Transitional 2008 Displayed to the right This map is consider- system loosely follows a is the current campus ably more detailed than top to bottom left to right map, available at the previous years, however pattern, however it piece- information desk in Curry it excludes some use- meal at best. Student Center in paper ful conventions from copy form. The map is earlier maps. The grid currently being used in correspondence num- the interim period while bers are gone replaced the new brand is applied with a numeric labeling to a redesigned map bro- system for all campus chure and printed. buildings. That numeric GdAM
  8. 8. Mass Art Lo uis Pr an y gS Wa tre et ns As Northeastern’s neigh- Eva ay y Wa sW an ver Te tlo Ev wS cou tre bor, the Mass Art cam- et Van F pus map is a great exam- I ad Ro B ce la ple of how someone else C Pa D Precedents handled the orientation e Driv H ate Priv ue of Huntington Avenue ven E nA gto tin H un ue en Lo n Av ngw gto and density of a city uni- oo ntin dA ve Hu A nue Campus Map versity. T G Ward Stre et P A MassArt Buildings P Parking Entrance T MBTA - Longwood Handicap Entrance Medical Area Station Green “E” Line A ARTISTS’ RESIDENCE F NORTH I TOWER (CONTINUED) 1 Convenience Store 3 Fibers B Events Planning & Theater Management 1 Doran Gallery 2 Film / Video 4 Facilities 1 Godine Gallery 6 Fashion Design B COLLINS 1 Pozen Center 7 Film / Video 1,2 Ceramics 2 Sculpture 11 Foundation Conference Room B Foundry & Welding Shop 1 Studio for Interrelated Media 4 Graduate Center 1 Glass 2 Graduate Programs 3 Jewelry & Metalsmithing G SMITH HALL RESIDENCE 6,9 Graphic Design 8 Human Resources C EAST H SOUTH 6,9 Illustration 2 Environmental Health & Safety 1 Admissions 10 Industrial Design B,1 Film / Video 1 Arnheim Gallery 11 Institutional Advancement 2 Printmaking 1,2 Art Education 11 Institutional Research 1 Public Safety 1 Bakalar Gallery 5 Learning Center B Woodshop 3 Brant Gallery 5 Liberal Arts 1 Center for Art & Community Partnerships 12 Library D GYMNASIUM 1 Curatorial Programs 11 Marketing & Communications 2 Paine Gallery 11 MassArt Foundation E KENNEDY 2,3 Studio Foundation 11 President’s Office B Art Supply & Bookstore 11 President’s Gallery 2 Career Services I TOWER 2 Professional & Continuing Education 2 Counseling Services 8 Academic Advising B Public Art 1 Dining Commons 3 Academic Affairs 4 Purchasing 2 Housing & Residence Life 8 Administration & Finance 8 Registrar 2 International Education 11 Alumni Relations 11 Special Events 3,4,5 Painting 11 Alumni Room 8 Student Financial Assistance 6 Photography 3,7 Animation 3,7,8 Technology RISD Kent State 2 Student Center 10 Architecture 1 Tower Auditorium 2 Student Development 5 Art History 2 Tower Café 2 Student Government Association 8 Business Office 2 Tower Gallery 4 Central Services 11 Trustees Room 8 Civil Rights Compliance & Diversity 13 Urban Arts Institute Although this is RISD’s This campus map takes 11 Community Relations 2 Youth Programs interactive online map, it an interesting approach serves as a good exam- by representing the in- ple. It is a 3D representa- formation in its simplest tion and provides contex- form. In some ways this tual city markers. is easier to navigate be- cause of the minimal amount of detail. GdAM
  9. 9. Information Kiosks Shillman Hall & Speare Quad There are different styles of kiosks lo- The kiosk located by Shillman Hall has cated around campus and all of them the whole backside unused. This could include a map of the university. The be prime real estate to display different kiosks themselves could be better de- kinds of information. The backside of signed to help with navigating both the the Krentzmen Quad kiosk also could campus itself and the surrounding city allow for more information to be dis- areas as well. Highlighting points of played. interest in Boston could be helpful in encouraging students to explore what’s around them. The kiosks could also display other information pertinent to the campus events. Since these kiosks are central markers, they could serve as an easy location to post campus-wide Located next to Detail view of the map information. Shillman Hall and in the Speare Quad GdAM
  10. 10. Kiosks & Flat Maps Currently on campus Located in Located outside the Snell Krentzman Quad. Library Quad GdAM
  11. 11. Precedents Two Twelve & Yale Kiosks One example of an effective kiosk is A second example is what was done for what was done by the design firm Two Yale University. This is their first public Twelve for the city of Charlotte, North kiosk. The new kiosk effectively brings Carolina. The kiosk map that they cre- together both the University and the city ated divided up the city into the four of New Haven and allows both students main areas, color coded them, and and residents of the city to navigate listed destinations, points of interest, the university and city. This could be a and ongoing events in the respective good solution for our current kiosks areas. This could be a good solution for to make both students and residents our current campus kiosks as it would aware of the campus and what is avail- be a good way to tie in the surrounding able in the areas surrounding campus. community. Also, the campus could be divided up, perhaps by quads, as an easier way of getting around. GdAM
  12. 12. Precedents Kiosks Applied Information Group Marque Design Glasgow, Scotland Kiosks Campus Wayfinding Project North Glasgow College A third example of a successful prec- find in Glasgow. This could offer a good School project made for the University edent offers another way of utilizing the solution for our current kiosks because college of Gjøvik. Incorporates an origi- kiosks with other information as op- perhaps different landmarks in Boston nal typeface and lettering system for posed to always being a map. Applied around the vicinity of campus could be campus landmarks to unify the univer- Information Group was the firm re- highlighted or maybe current events sity. sponsible for creating these kiosks for coming up on campus could be dis- Glasgow, Scotland. The kiosks not only played. As of now, the only real way to have maps of the city, but also high- know about upcoming events is via the light other things of interest, like for sandwich boards sporadically placed on example notable architecture one can campus and having a central location for the information could allow for more student participation. GdAM
  13. 13. Campus Signage The Sign Shop Most signs you see on Northestern’s campus are also made on campus at the local sign shop. These sign range from on-going events to building directories. The magager of the sign shop, Christina Salvato, was able to provide us with some key information: Komatex MDO board Dibond Signs are usually made out of one of three different Weather resistant Medium Density Dibond is an materials, Komatex, MDO Board and Dibond. plastic sheets can be Overlay board is aluminum composite used for outdoor usually made of material (ACM) made of Northeastern University President Auon is quite applications. Suitable for plywood, coated with two pre-painted sheets of involved in the process of sign making and is the final the advertising, outer layers of aluminum. It is flat, du- approval of most signs. displays and resin kraft paper. Not rable, and exhibition stands. reccomended for weather resistant. Although it is not very apparent, wayfinding at North- outside use. eastern is underway. Northeastern is in the proccess of changing all the signs to the new identity which uses new fonts and logos. Wayfinding at Northeastern is improving, especially with the new gateway project that is in process. GdAM
  14. 14. Process of converting old signs to new identity “Keep in mind this process probably would have been somewhat expedited and short- er had the discussion and pro- cess not taken place prior to, Co-ops sent on mission List is made Proposal Prototype Material search during, and after move-in which Take pictures of buildings How many, what size, what List is shown to contractor “Around this time, I also Start looking into other ma- is one of the, if not THE, busiest and answer following ques- tions: material is all concluded in list. who compiles information into the proposal. received the actual design layout/prototype of what terials (besides wood) that would be more weather- times of the year for us and the each sign should look like resistant and in turn last Is it a traditional sign or does it use engraving? Proposal is shown to the Director of Facilities depending on whether it was going to be a wooden longer. Decided to use 3mm Dibond. entire Facilities division.” Operations and the sign or a vinyl sign placed How many signs on a build- Director of Design for on glass. The layouts also ing? Marketing and Communi- varied in size depending Christina Salvato cations. on how much text was What material is the sign involved.” and how is it affixed to the building? Christina Salvato Manager, Sign shop Decision to outsource List is made Price Samples Sent Signs are installed “We decided that our best Companies prices are Samples from each of the Landscape and grounds At the weekly meeting, the method at this point was compared. four companies are sent staff who will then remove Vice-President of Facilities to have the entire project out to shop. the existing signage and proposed building signage outsourced. Everything it replace it with the new. would only have one sign entailed was stuff we were Once recieved a desicion even if it currently had two. capable of doing in the on the company will be shop but with the intention made. of saving ourselves a lot of time, we decided it was better to outsource.” GdAM
  15. 15. Wayfinding Wednesdays The Sign Shop Every Wednesday a wayfinding meet- ing is held where the Manager of the sign shop, Vice President of Facilties, the Design director of Creative Services, Director of Landscaping and the Physi- cal Plant Operations Manager. The fol- lowing issues are discussed: The most challenging part would probably be The current and future issues of way- the research and being able to find a solution finding at Northeastern. The new gateway system that will be that accommodates all concerning factors; underway soon. weather, sustainability, building structure, and Replacement of old identity to the new. also something that people are happy with. Christina Salvato Manager, Northeastern Sign Shop GdAM
  16. 16. ADA Standards Accessibility The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law in July 1990. This his- toric act was designed to provide equal access and opportunities to all Ameri- cans with disabilities. The law requires to remove archi- tectural and communication barriers where “readily achievable.” This means a good faith effort must be made to accommodate the disabled, which in- cludes the installation of ADA tactile and braille signage for the benefit of the visually impaired. Typeface Contrast Distance Braille Regulations state that Characters and symbols Overhead directional Permanent room signs State and local sign codes vary consid- letters and numbers on are recommended to signs must have a cap must have characters erably, such as symbol signs for rest- signs shall have a width- have a minimum of 70% height of at least 3”. raised 1/32” uppercase room doors required in California. to-height ratio between contrast with their back- Other directional signs and must be accompa- 3:5 and 1:1, and a stroke ground. do not have a specified nied by Grade 2 Braille. width-to-height ratio be- cap height but must be tween 1:5 and 1:10. “size according to view- ing distance.” GdAM
  17. 17. Tunnels Currently on campus Currently on campus The tunnels that connect different Current Map of the tunnel system at buildings on campus are barren of any Northeastern University. Buildings are sort of helpful directional information. denoted by color and there is a map The only sort of map is set up right be- at the entrance to every tunnel. How- fore one enters the tunnels. The empty ever, once inside the tunnels it is not hallways of the tunnels could offer a clear which direction you are walking or great opportunity for new wayfinding where you are going. signage. The tunnels could become more user-friendly and allow for easier navigation with a new signage system. GdAM
  18. 18. Precedent Tunnels Monash University Boston Children’s Hospital Hofstede Design Two Twelve Associates Beyond an awesomely pristine white An effective solution that our current colors to represent the respective build- hallway, large floor graphics and wall tunnel system could benefit from is ings, so the system of hanging signs signage call out different locations, in a what the firm Two Twelve implemented from the ceiling with directional arrows space that is ordinarily quite difficult to at Children’s Hospital Boston. Although and the appropriate color could aid in orient oneself in. their signage is not for a tunnel system finding one’s way around. Currently, the like ours, the solution they created of- tunnels are empty and if someone does fers easy improvements to our current not know their way around, it could system. become confusing. This simple signage could help to both increase directional Children’s utilizes a color-coded system awareness and liven up the empty hall- for their directional signage. Every area ways. of the hospital is represented by both a color and a symbol. Our current tunnels map system already has different GdAM
  19. 19. Curry Student Center Information Desk & Work Terminals Displays Currently on campus In our canvassing of the campus we no- Possible uses: ticed an incredible number of flat panel Directional Wayfinding / Navigation television displays. The one feeling we were all left with after seeing them, was Student generated content that we wanted more. It is clear that Standardize submission process for they aren’t being used to their full po- current artwork so that it matches di- tential, but what is that potential? mensions of the screen. Create adaptable touch screen technol- Curry Student Center ogy to outfit screens with for interactiv- Indoor Quad ity. Comments / Thoughts? GdAM
  20. 20. Bibliography Wayfinding project | Unravel Library wayfinding | Cardiff docs/WayfindingSignage.pdf Creative | Design | Illustration | Design Festival “Wayfinding and Signing in Library Design” provides Photography Rectangular kiosks at Cardiff Library utilize all sides a a brief explanation of wayfinding principles and to inform users about what can be found in that how to approach a wayfinding project. Included and The wayfinding project at University College of particular location and, on other sides, what can be especially useful are the explanation of signage/type Gjovik gives an in-depth look at different forms of found elsewhere. The color palette is inviting and sizes and the user’s ability to use process informa- signage. Large outdoor three-dimensional signage corresponds with the large exterior building signage. tion. corresponding to the building letters (A, B, C…) make finding buildings easier. The project also uses overhead signage, floor signage, thin double-sided Marque - Recent kiosks, and a simple color palette to guide visitors of McHenry Library Sign Project - the campus. North Glasgow College a set on Flickr Marque’s wayfinding project for North Glasgow Col- Emir Bukva: design portfolio: The McHenry Library signage project is an example of how uniformity and simplicity combine to create a lege provides the campus with multiple solutions to their wayfinding problems. The firm utilizes paint to environmental friendly user environment. make large, comprehensive, and cost-efficient solu- tions. Other forms of signage include cut-outs and Buvka’s portfolio allows a look at Kent State’s vehicu- lighting. The simplicity and minimalist color palette lar signage. They make use of symbols (i.e. informa- ADA SIGNAGE AND ACCESIBIL- make it much more readable. tion and parking) and directional arrows to guide drivers around campus. ITY GUIDELINES Hofstede Design The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines Wayfinding - Waitakere Central provide restrictions that we will have to consider and adhere to if there is a possibility for implementation The wayfinding and signage at Monash University combines the use of large paint signage and room Library: Dallow Boss of our project. placards to create a macro and micro approach to wayfinding. Simplistic kiosks with clean building list- Waitakere Central Library’s signage includes large ings and that avoid traditional campus mapping are directional banners that provide users with the en- easy to read and point you in the right direction. trance’s address. Floor listings provide a simple way for users to direct themselves around a building. GdAM