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This is my music video research on the scouting for girls video on my blog

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  1. 1. Research: Music Videos Amy Pass
  2. 2. How is the band/artist represented? The genre of music is portrayed as indie pop and this is shown through the band, also they are wearing normal everyday causal clothing to show they are down to earth and just and average person and looks like they don’t really care that much about the image and more about the music The band isn't shown but the lead singer is the main character in the video but the music and band is heard all the way through The band is quiet realistic and represents realism
  3. 3. What relationship exits between images and lyrics in video? At this point the man is miming the actual lyrics showing a link between the male and the lyrics( he is the lead singing) At this point the woman is miming the actual lyrics showing a link between the lead female( she is the woman the song is about) ‘ Shakes them hips’ Then we she hear shaking her hips etc showing a link between images and the lyrics show that the music is all about the music and less about special effects etc.
  4. 4. What relationship is there between music and images? When there are tiny pianos solo’s the piano is always shown and close up The bowling ball goes when the music starts to go a bit faster and shown through the pace of the ball going to the .lane Her foot steps tie in with the beat of the music. The music stops when he says ‘beautiful’ and she actual comes in to the focus of the camera shows she the main girl as before she is out of focus until he says beautiful and the music has a slight pause
  5. 5. Inter-textual references Colours of the album cover and the music only starts getting louder and starts of when this bag moves , shows this is the CD This is an actual picture of the band showing again linked all the way through the video as there picture of the whole band is shown at the start of the music video
  6. 6. Key features <ul><li>Shoot in a realistic place- realism </li></ul><ul><li>Miming most of the way through the video </li></ul><ul><li>Always goes back to the band playing and actual singing the song </li></ul><ul><li>Items or people follow the beat of the music </li></ul>