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This is my detailed analysis of the music video waking up in vegas but also this video gives me some more ideas for my own product.

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  1. 2. How is the artist represented ? The artist is again shown with Vegas clothing and using the Vegas stereotype to poke fun at that image by her clothing showing that she has fun making music and its shown through her music and just makes funny scenes through her music video and her music is shown to be fun which shows the artists personality. This shows that she is all about glamour and about the rich and famous side however this could be due to that its about Vegas where its all about money etc so she could just taking the Vegas image because of her song and my not actually herself which could show she tried to relate to her song but may show personality through her wild events and other things she wears but really shows she enjoys her music and doesn’t care what people think about it. Furthermore this shows her flamboyant style but still using the images associated with the Las Vegas image as she is making fun of the image in her own unique way which shows she is being a rebel in some ways breaking out from being the same as others she is her own person and has her own style, but also she uses modern day themes like poker online to connect with her audience. Also is against a female stereotype as its a woman playing poker and gambling which is normally a male thing and it can show that she represents lady luck.
  2. 3. What relationship exists between the images and lyrics in the video? ‘ did we get hitched last night’ then is shows them getting married but Las Vegas style but also the lyric itself is being funny towards Las Vegas as its famous for its wedding to link back to the title but also the place as well and making it funny the relates to audience which could be an idea for my video. In the video there are very few things that directly link to the lyrics as the images show all of the lyrics all the way through and its not at the exact time that the lyric is spoken but you can all the lyrics shown in the images at some stage in the video like the ‘shake the glitter’ glitter is shown on her cloths and in the confetti and it always hinting at the Vegas live style and how its good one moment and it can be gone all of a sudden and at one point she uses her lyrics to be good all the way through but then suddenly to be bad ‘ that's what you get for waking up in Vegas ‘ and all of the images shown relate back to the title but also the things that surround Vegas. This links to the lyrics and the title and again money is shown to link to Las Vegas
  3. 4. What relationship exists between the music and images in the video? This images is of the coin going into a fruit machine which represents Las Vegas as its famous for gambling but also that the music only really starts when the coin is placed in and starts off the music to again show its all about Las Vegas and money. Without money nothing can happen for you in Vegas The music is free flowing and is very lively which is shown through what she does and living a glamorous lifestyle and shows her having fun and it becomes livelier through out and its happy as well as she becomes more happy with the money she wins and what buys like the cars etc. The music becomes slower and quieter as she changes emotions because she loses the money which is what Vegas is all about and that her emotions turn unhappy so does the beat of the music and how lively it gets which is an idea for my own product.
  4. 5. Inter-textual references This is her actual album and this song is on it showing an inter-textual reference to herself but then it makes the items link back to her showing that album is hers and that video is hers linking everything together with CD as well. The whole video really all the way through links back to the Las Vegas location and what Vegas is famous for and it shown all the way through the video as its her title of the song but also because she has fun with idea of gambling etc.
  5. 6. Key features <ul><li>Uses her own style and characteristics through out </li></ul><ul><li>Also is a funny video as it makes fun of the location- Las Vegas </li></ul><ul><li>Change in emotions changes the beat of the music </li></ul><ul><li>Doesn’t have to directly link to lyrics at the exact time can be shown later on. </li></ul>