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The photograghs I took and the ones I used in my magazine

Published in: Education, Technology
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  2. 2. Photos I took A lot more than this but to show a different variety
  3. 3. The ones I used in the end Front cover Contents page
  4. 4. WHY? I decided to use this photograph as my front cover as it gave a good impression of the school makes it seem approachable also shows a good attitude the students uphold. Also I thought the thumbs up was good as it shows many different reasons as the article says that’s the grades were good cheering for that and also a thumbs up to the school. The shot is a medium close this was one of the conditions of the brief and also from my research this was the best option for the front cover as may of them did have a medium close up and it’s the most effective way in trying to portray a good image about the school
  5. 5. WHY? These are the pictures I decided to use for my contents page as one of them is showing two happy students doing an activity but also again a happy cheerful image. The other one is a student smiling but also again doing an activity and I tired to show again the atmosphere and attitude of the school and of course the students but also to show things that you can do like taking photographs but also teaching others plus it gives a good image of the school, plus if the faces where miserable or not happy then it would give a bad image and show students aren't bothered by school and making the magazine an unfriendly approach which isn't what I want but with these photographs of happy students it give a happy approach. These photographs showing students having a good time at school