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As a social entrepreneur and international speaker, Johnnie Williams has stood before more than a half million young people and dared to make a difference in their lives.

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Johnnie Williams Brochure Slide Show

  1. 1. The Guy Who Helps Kids S.E.E. The Big Picture Johnnie Williams III
  2. 2. Johnnie Williams III is a social entrepreneur that has written two character building fictional children’s books. He has developed national outreach programs for corporations that serve and target youth. Johnnie has an ability to simplify complex issues and extract the life lesson, making them more understandable, solvable and interesting enough to hold students attention. He has developed unique ways to help more than a half million students and teachers S.E.E. the bigger picture. Success for either is impossible… without the other! Who Is... Johnnie Williams III
  3. 3. What Is... Metaphoric Speaker Johnnie has refined the art of speaking to young people over the past 12 years. He has found that great speeches impress teachers, get students temporarily excited but are quickly forgotten. Therefore, he decided to incorporate metaphors as visual reminders for each of his motivational messages and topics. The result; students may forget his name but they remember his message as they come across the many metaphoric reminders that Johnnie has left implanted deep in their subconscious mind.
  4. 4. Who Are... JSI LLC Clients Alexander Muir/Gladstone, Alexander Stirling Amesbury Middle, Baycrest PS, Blake St. Beverley Heights, Brookview, Corvette Jr PS Charles G. Fraser, Chester Lee Jr PS, Driftwood, Elmbank PS, Flemington PS, Galloway Road PS, General Brock PS, George Anderson PS, Gracefield PS, Grey Owl PS, Gulfstream PS, HighCastle PS, James S. Bell PS, Joyce PS, Kane Middle, Lord Dufferin, Market Lane PS, Military Trail, North Kipling Jr. PS, O’Connor PS, Pauline Johnson PS, Perth Ave. Jr. PS, Queen Victoria, Pleasant View Rawlinson Community School, Shirley St. Jr. Sprucecourt Jr. PS, Tam O’Shanter PS, Thorncliff, Valley Park Middle, Willow Park, Yorkwood, Gosford Elem., West Glen PS,
  5. 5. Comments About... Johnnie Williams III Johnnie was an amazing presenter… He was very solid, and flexible with the needs of the school. He engaged the entire school from grade 1 to 8 and brought to them life lessons that we can reinforce in the school on a daily basis. A teacher said… The messages were clear, concise and easily remembered. We loved him!!!! Corinne Promislow V.P of Military Trail, PS
  6. 6. What Can... Johnnie Williams Do For My School ? Johnnie Williams has created an array of programs that inspire kids, teachers and parents to work together. His latest project… The Student Success Initiative is an affective bundle of character education products and services that promote the philosophy of HELP – ESTEEM ™ . Motivation - Mentoring - Membership
  7. 7. What Are... Johnnie Williams Main Speaking Topics STUDENT ASSEMBLIES 5 Principles for Reaching Success TEACHER IN SERVICE 5 Ways to Cultivate Success PARENT FORUMS 5 Steps for Parental Success
  8. 8. Contact Johnnie Speaks International, LLC 877 266 5564 Step By Step Booking Process Step 1 Log onto Step 2 Select my Speaking Schedule for dates Step 3 Complete the Booking Form and submit Step 4 Await Confirmation and invoice