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Brian Lee of shares some great Twitter Tricks. More and more businesses and individuals are learning that social media is a great way to connect with others and share ideas and interests. Learn how to manage your accounts and track your social progress!

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Twitter Tricks

  1. 1. Twitter Tips & Tricks By Genius Types
  2. 2. Outline • Tweet Adder: Automatically follows people for you, unfollows people who don’t reciprocate, and allows you to find tweeters with similar interests • TweetDeck: Organizes all social media • Secondary Accounts: Get mobile updates from only the most interesting tweeters!
  3. 3. Following Others • Many theories on how to get the largest twitter following • Celebrities may have 800,000 followers but only be following 50 people • That’s seen as bad form for regular people • Try to follow everyone who follows you
  4. 4. Misconceptions • Just because thousands of people are following someone doesn’t mean they pay attention to their feed • So don’t be intimidated by those with thousands of followers • Only 2-5% of their followers actually read their feed
  5. 5. Twitter Mobile • Go into settings, click mobile, put in your number, choose who you want mobile alerts via text message from • Best way to keep track of your favorite tweeters • However, a lot of people have direct messaging set up • If twitter has your number and your following a lot of people they’ll send thousands of these to your phone
  6. 6. Solution! : Secondary Accounts • Make a secondary account and set up twitter mobile on that one • Only follow people you don’t mind getting direct messages from • Receive text message alerts from only the most interesting people
  7. 7. TweetAdder • Costs less than $100 • Automatically follows people for you • Without it you could go through lists of people’s followers and manually add them • This takes forever and twitter only lets you add 1,000 a day
  8. 8. TweetAdder • You can set it up to add certain “types” of people you’re interested in • For example, people who have mentioned keywords you’re interested in or list certain things in their profile • It also can automatically follow back people who follow you • Or unfollow people who don’t reciprocate
  9. 9. TweetAdder • This may seem catty, but it’s actually necessary • Once you’re following over 2,000 people, Twitter only lets you add 10% more than people following you • So follow all the people you can, wait a few days, unfollow people who didn’t follow you back, repeat
  10. 10. TweetDeck • Great for any form of social media • Free • Allows you to sort social media columns • Columns include news feeds of particularly interesting tweeters, your facebook feed, people who have mentioned you, or feeds for various keywords
  11. 11. Helpful Links • Sign up for Tweet Adder (affiliate link) • Sign up for Tweet Deck • Visit for more information on blogging, social networking, passive income, real estate investing, and creative life.