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Inspiration from REV's Leadership Breakfast!


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Start each day feeling inspired to be a world class leader by adding 3 special ingredients to your breakfast everyday!

Published in: Business, Technology
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Inspiration from REV's Leadership Breakfast!

  3. 3. Relax…You are in safe hands nowhas the perfect breakfast tomake you a world class leader!DOCTOR
  4. 4. FEEL INSPIREDby starting each day withLike to know how to make one?A SANDWICH!
  5. 5. INSPIRATIONINNOVATIONINFORMATIONSounds delicious!But what comes first?
  6. 6. INFORMATIONTHE BASE IN-GREDIENT ISBut what type of information makesyou a world class leader?
  7. 7. The information you need will be revealedwhen you answer this question:What do you think isIMPOSSIBLEIn your business?To open anew branchTo decreaseyour work-timeTo increaseyour profitOR OR
  8. 8. IMAGINEwhat you would loveyour business to be likeStill not sure what is impossible?Close your eyes andSEE, HEAR & FEEL IT NOW!
  9. 9. INNOVATIONINFORMATIONTo make your impossible POSSIBLE useBut how can yoube innovative everyday?
  10. 10. OUTRAGEOUSWEIRDCRAZYthing you could doto get you closer toyour impossibleTo innovate think of the most
  11. 11. INSPIRATIONINNOVATIONINFORMATIONBut where do youget the motivation tobe innovative everyday?But how can youfeel true deep inspiration everyday?
  12. 12. To inspire yourself everydaySHOUT IN YOUR MIND3 things you are grateful for,at the very leastHaving so many thingsto be grateful for must make youFEEL INSPIRED EVERYDAYdoesn’t it?YOU’RE ALIVE,YOU ARE LOVED,LIFE IS INTERESTING,and what else makesyou feel happy?
  13. 13. So starting tomorrow what willyou do for breakfast tobe a world class leader?NOURISH YOUR STOMACHANDYOUR MIND