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Cabinet Vs Wall

This is my research summary and insights of the TV cabinet showing that the TV unit has a reason to fight and exist in this epic war between On the Cabinet VS The Wall mount look for the television

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Cabinet Vs Wall

  1. 1. Wall Cabinet VS
  2. 2. Demographic Mature Suburban Families Age group 8+
  3. 3. Research findings ? Some people prefer the wall mount look but still needed a unit to store things on.
  4. 4. Research findings My Shrine Some people like to decorate their TV units with family potraits, flowers and religous icons
  5. 5. Research findings Can’t reach The need to connect several devices from one device can sometimes cause an unsafe mess because people are limited to object spacing due to the length of some cables
  6. 6. Research findings Mantle piece effect There is a useful unconscious use of the TV cabinet Families would park their car keys, hair straightners or xbox controllers on the unit temporarily to come back to later
  7. 7. Insights Design Challenges Some mature families like to A solution that will provide families some space decorate their TV units like and freedom to decorate their units some sort of personal shrine Families connect several devices A solution that will enable a safer, easier and together within the TV unit but is cleaner management of connecting devices within messy sometimes the unit Mature families unconsciously A solution that will enable people to continue to use the TV unit as a place to short term park belongings without sacraficing temporarily store belongings the form of the TV unit Some people want the wall mount A solution that will enable people to achieve TV look but still need storage for a wall mount look and use storage at the other devices same time