'Plugged In' at the ALISS Innovation Workshop


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This service-design outline concerns a human-to-human network of information-sources on what helps you live well with your long-term condition.

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'Plugged In' at the ALISS Innovation Workshop

  1. 1. ed in plu gg
  2. 2. if we were stuck in an elevator with Richard Branson we’d say; “Reaching out, finding out” n ugg ed i pl
  3. 3. if we had a little longer with him we’d say; “Information is power! We need ways of connecting and meeting up. We need to overcome barriers to improve access and reduce stigma. We need supported environments where meaningfulconnections can flourish” n ugg ed i pl
  4. 4. we’re doing this because; * solves a lack of local information * we need to bring people together * we need fast and up to date information that is easy to access n ugg ed i pl
  5. 5. we want to; Increase confidence and develop a human network n ugg ed i pl
  6. 6. in 15 years n ugg ed i pl
  7. 7. Fiona lives in rural Perthshire and lives Multiple Sclerosis. She knows everyone in the community Fiona has been living with M.S for thirty busy and regularly attends charity events. three years. She lives with her husband Stuart, they have been married for thirty Fiona has a huge amount of knowledge about years. She feels that through her experience living with her condition and how others she now understands her body and has found have coped. She doesn’t let her condition get a way to live with her condition so she can her down. get the most out of her life. The one thing Fiona does struggle with is “Oh I know everyone around here transport to events and activities especially and what goes on. I could tell you the if there is poor weather. In addition to timetable of the local gym off by heart” inefficient services, her local transport also costs alot and this can sometimes stop her Fiona keeps active and excercises daily from from going to events n home. She attends every M.S meeting both ed i within her area and in other regions.She “I know all my neighbours and ugg keeps a close eye on the library notice board everytime I go in town I say hello to at pl for new events within her village. Because least every second person. We all know she can’t work anymore, she likes to keep each other’s business around here”
  8. 8. We will give ALISS; * Local info * Tailored to user * Peer support * Online contact * Human face * Confidence * High street presence * Health service settings (GP, pharm.) * National coverage (not just in one area) * Email * Post n * Telephone ed i p lugg
  9. 9. We need from ALISS; “We want ALISS to be our socket” n ugg ed i pl
  10. 10. lets talk about resources n ugg ed i pl
  11. 11. Plugged in and powered up! n ugg ed i pl