Information|Network|Connected|Access at the ALISS Innovation Workshop


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This service-design outline concerns the tagging and filtering of the sort of information that helps you live well with a long-term condition. The service has a youth focus.

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Information|Network|Connected|Access at the ALISS Innovation Workshop

  1. 1. NCA
  2. 2. Information | Network | Connected | Access Provides a personalised and intuitive service to support and connect people to information about long term health conditions NCA
  3. 3. The goal of the idea is to get relevant information around LTCs to the right people NCA
  4. 4. Kate, 19, has eczema and psoriases. She has never really paid much attention to it as it’s never been really bad but it does make her very self conscious Emily, Kate’s cousin is 14 and goes to Newark would do anything to take the pain away , so I High School. She is feeling helpless and has was wondering if anyone who has dealt with turned to the internet to try and find out this and been through it could give me any how she can support her cousin; advice.. what helped you the most ? and what can I do ? I hate feeling so powerless can “I found this blog on Psoriases about an hour anyone help ?” ago while I was trying to read up on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis , my cousin has both “I thought maybe people sadly and I wanted to know everything I would think I was stupid NCA could about it. She has been like my sister ever since she came into my life and we because I’m so young. I’m are extremely close. It kills me that she is only 14 but I care so much in constant pain and that I cant do anything and I can’t stand the feeling to help her. She’s had this for about fifteen of not being able to help her years now , diagnosed when she was 10 she because she is always there is only 19 now and feeling like she’s 80 . I for me.”
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  6. 6. NCA
  7. 7. NCA
  8. 8. NCA
  9. 9. NCA
  10. 10. NCA
  11. 11. NCA
  12. 12. NCA
  13. 13. NCA
  14. 14. NCA
  15. 15. NCA
  16. 16. NCA
  17. 17. NCA
  18. 18. NCA
  19. 19. NCA
  20. 20. NCA
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  22. 22. NCA
  23. 23. NCA
  24. 24. We give ALISS; User emails Feedback (user insights) User mobile numbers We need from ALISS; Infrastructure to facilitate all these services in one space (suggestions welcome) NCA
  25. 25. More relevant and accurate information around the condition Collects feedback from the users to improve the content of the services Onestopshop: Brings together a list of relevant and useful websites in one place All people with LTCs, families, members, carers can interact with the service Receive regular updates through text and email therefore this is a sustainable service Rating system shows Inca is helpful NCA